If you’re working on a product or business roadmap presentation, we have handpicked some of the best PowerPoint roadmap templates you can use to design a killer slideshow for your presentation.

A roadmap presentation is one of the most effective methods of detailing the past, present, and future for product and business development.

Using a PowerPoint roadmap template will make the process of designing the slideshow much easier as they come packed with timelines, tables, infographics, icons, and much more to make your presentation look more professional.

Our collection of PowerPoint roadmap templates should have the perfect design for your presentation, along with a few helpful tips for creating a roadmap in PowerPoint.

Top Pick

Roadmapping - PowerPoint Roadmap Template

This professional PowerPoint template comes with multiple slides designed for presenting all kinds of roadmap presentations.

The template includes 21 unique slide designs filled with vector graphics, infographics, icons, and much more. It also comes in 5 different color schemes.

Why This Is A Top Pick

All of the shapes and tables used in this template are fully customizable. This will allow you to create more personalized roadmaps for your business presentations.

Minimal Roadmap PowerPoint Template

This PowerPoint roadmap template features a set of clean and minimal slide designs. It comes with 20 unique slide templates you can easily customize to change colors, text, shapes, and more.

Project Status Report - PowerPoint Template

This template is a must-have for agencies and designers for showcasing project and product development to clients. The template comes with multiple slide layouts in 5 different color schemes you can easily customize to your preference.

PowerPoint roadmap template

Present your business plans, and sales roadmap in a sophisticated way with Roadie, a clean, and professional PowerPoint template that comes with 30 gorgeously crafted slides, free fonts, picture placeholder, and resizable and editable graphics.

PowerPoint roadmap template

If you are wanting a clean and professional template for your next roadmap presentation, you can’t go wrong with this project timeline ppt providing you with 40 unique, pixel-perfect infographic slides, KIKO icon shapes, and much more.

PowerPoint roadmap template

Check out Von, a multipurpose PowerPoint template that consists of slides crafted with a lot of care and attention to detail. Whether you need a template for an advertising presentation or sales pitch, Von comes in very handy.

PowerPoint roadmap template

If you are wanting to get your hands on a great PowerPoint roadmap template without spending a penny, consider this option containing virtually everything you need to create a linear visualization of your data.

Project Timeline - PowerPoint Infographics Template

A useful PowerPoint template that comes filled with lots of infographics and tables for making impactful roadmap presentations. This template includes 30 unique slide designs in 10 different color schemes and in both light and dark color themes.

Agile Development - PowerPoint Template

Agile development is quite popular among modern businesses, especially among startups. This PowerPoint template will allow you to create roadmap presentations to showcase your agile development strategies. The template includes 20 master slide layouts.

Product Roadmap - PowerPoint Template

This premium PowerPoint template is made specifically for crafting roadmap presentations for product development. The template includes 20 unique slide designs that are also available in 5 different color schemes.

Free Roadmap Diagrams for PowerPoint

This free roadmap PowerPoint template features 8 unique slides with modern diagram designs you can use to create a simple roadmap presentation for your project. It includes infographics and icon packs as well.

Creative Timeline Powerpoint Template

Another simple free PowerPoint template featuring 6 unique slides. This template comes with multiple timeline slides for crafting project and product roadmaps. It also includes master slide layouts and image placeholders.

Cytrex Business Plan - PowerPoint Template

Crytex is a modern PowerPoint template that features a set of slides designed for crafting business plans. You can also easily edit the slides to create roadmap presentations as well. The template includes more than 200 unique slides in 30 color schemes.

Modern Timeline PowerPoint Template

This creative PowerPoint template comes filled with timeline slides that are perfect for crafting effective product roadmaps. The template lets you choose from 30 unique slide designs that are available in 7 pre-made color themes.

Timeline 2.0 - Multipurpose PowerPoint Template

Timeline 2.0 is a professional PowerPoint template that comes with 50 unique timeline slide designs. You can use these slides to design various roadmap presentations and slideshows. It comes in both static and animated versions as well.

Business Plan 3.0 - PowerPoint Template

This PowerPoint template is most suitable for designing a presentation to showcase your business plan and roadmaps. It includes 40 unique slide designs that can be easily customized to your preference.

Monthly Planner - Business PowerPoint Template

Despite its name this PowerPoint template can be used to design much more than monthly plans. It includes 50 unique slide designs in 10 color schemes you can edit to create roadmaps and business plan presentations.

Business Roadmap - Free PowerPoint Template

This is a free PowerPoint template you can use to design professional roadmap presentations for all kinds of businesses, agencies, and companies. It includes 10 unique slide layouts with editable designs.

Free Roadmap PowerPoint Template

This free PowerPoint template features a set of unique slide designs that are ideal for making creative roadmap presentations. It includes 5 slide layouts you can edit with PowerPoint and Keynote.

PowerPoint roadmap template

Leave a lasting impression on your stakeholders with this beautifully designed PowerPoint roadmap template that is not just easy to edit but also fun to play around with all the amazing features it offers.

Tips for Creating a Roadmap in PowerPoint

Roadmap presentations are a type of presentation that needs to be made differently than other PowerPoint presentations. Follow these tips to create more effective roadmap slideshows.

1. Showcase a Timeline

A roadmap presentation is comprised of many things, including a story, strategy, reports, and more. Another important part that should be included is a timeline.

Whether it’s for product development or business projections, adding a timeline to your roadmap can make the entire presentation easier to understand and more entertaining as well.

2. Add Object and Transition Animations

Animations can be your best friend when designing roadmap presentations. Especially when showcasing timelines and product roadmaps, you can use object and transition animations to reveal features one at a time and make each slide transition smoothly throughout the presentation.

3. Use Infographics

Just as the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. You can use pictures, specifically infographics to your advantage to showcase your strategies and roadmap while visualizing different parts in more detail. So make sure to pick a PowerPoint template that comes with editable infographics.

4. Use Only the Appropriate Colors

Be mindful when using colors in roadmap presentations. Especially describing different aspects of a roadmap, try not to use too many colors as some colors tend to show up brighter than others. Instead, use a subtle color palette throughout the presentation.

For more great templates, check out our best business PowerPoint templates collection.

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