Are you looking for a way to create a quick title scene or a slideshow in Premiere Pro? Then these free Premiere Pro templates will come in handy.

One of the best features of Premiere Pro is the ability to use templates. With templates, you can instantly create various types of video projects. Even if you don’t have much experience in using the app, templates are fairly easy to use.

There are plenty of amazing Premiere Pro templates out there. But, most of them are premium templates. Don’t worry, if you’re low on budget or looking for a template for a personal project, we’ve got you covered.

In this collection, we feature some of the best free Premiere Pro templates we’ve come across (as well as a free premium ones too). You can use them to create all kinds of projects from titles to lower-thirds, slideshows, and much more.

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Explore Premiere Pro Templates

The Space - Creative Slideshow Premiere Pro Template

The Space is a modern video slideshow template for Premiere Pro. This template features stylish transition effects and animations that will help you create a stylish presentation for a business, agency, or a creative project.

Urban Opener - Modern Premiere Pro Template

Just as the name suggests, this Premiere Pro template is made for creating openers for videos with an urban design style. The template includes 18 placeholders for adding photos and videos as well as 8 placeholders for text.

Glitch Opener

Looking to create a quick opening scene for a YouTube video or a social media promo clip? Then this free template is for you. It features a stylish opening with a glitching effect and text tiled that also has a distorted effect. It’s perfect for tech, fashion, gaming, and various other video projects.

Rotating Letters Title

Creating professional title scenes is not always easy. To help save your time, use this free template in your next project. This Premiere Pro template features a modern title scene that has rotating letters forming the title in a creative way. The template will fit in perfectly with all sorts of social media and promotional videos.

Frame Split Transition

This is a popular transition effect that many professionals use to add a smooth transition between clips and segments. With this template, you can also add that same transition effect in your videos for free. The template features a unique effect that makes your screen split into different directions to reveal the next scene.

Fashion Promo Premiere Pro Template

This modern Premiere Pro template is perfect for promoting a fashion brand or apparel products. You can use it to create promo videos for ads, product pages, and even for social media promotions. It comes in full HD resolution.

Liquid Broadcast - Essential Graphics for Premiere Pro

When creating content for a network or a brand, it’s important to have all your video overlays with the same style and design. This is a complete bundle that includes all the overlays you need to create content for broadcasting networks and channels. All of the templates feature beautiful and customizable liquid-themed designs.

Animated Cluster Title

If you ever wanted to promote and showcase various taglines, hashtags, or product features at the end of your video promotions, this template will come in handy. It allows you to feature a cluster title with a text delay animation that can be applied to several taglines. It also features two-tone colors as well. Ideal for social media promotions.

Static Transition

Another free Premiere Pro template with a popular transition effect. This effect lets you add a static distortion effect to your videos. It will help make your YouTube videos look more creative and trendy. The template itself is easily editable and it’s perfect for adding quick transitions.

3D Spin Transition

Another creative transition effect for Premiere Pro. This template features a spinning transition effect with a 3D-like look and feel. It completely spins one scene around to reveal the next. It’s quite attention-grabbing. And it’s most suitable for social media and promo videos.

Corporate Shifter Titles - Free Premiere Pro Template

If you’re working on a promo video or clip to promote a corporate brand or a business, this stylish Premiere Pro template will help you design a professional title scene for the video. It features 7 different styles of title scenes. You can easily edit and customize each one of them. It also includes 8 placeholders for adding images and videos as well.

Corporate Opener - Free Premiere Pro Template

Now, your corporate promo video will also need a professional-looking opening scene. This free template will help you get that part done without an effort. The template features a stylish and fully editable opener that includes 15 different image or video placeholders. It also comes with 28 text placeholders and a logo placeholder to promote your brand.

Typography Slideshow Opener - Premiere Pro Template

Using this free Premiere Pro template you can create a modern and hip slideshow to promote your brand or products. Large text and titles take the center-stage of this slideshow. And it includes 13 placeholders for you to add either video clips or images. In addition, there are 14 different title placeholders as well. Everything is easily editable.

21 Free Mogrt Templates for Premiere Pro

This pack comes with several useful elements you can use in your various Premiere Pro projects. It includes 8 text title scene animations and 13 animated transition effects with editable colors. You can use them in various video projects and creations free of charge.

50+ Free Social Media Marketing Mogrt Templates

A complete bundle made for social media marketing projects. This pack features 50 different templates for not only Premiere Pro but also Instagram backgrounds and social media icons. For Premiere Pro, it features 6 text overlay animations, 20 titles, and 7 trendy Instagram story templates. All of which are easily customizable.

Video Editor Toolkit - 220+ Free Premiere Pro Templates

This is a massive bundle full of templates and goodies that every video editor should have. It includes a total of 220 templates and presets. Including animations and transitions for Premiere Pro. And for Final Cut Pro X. It has everything you need to create a complete video project. And it’s free!

Action Wipe Transition - Free Preimere Pro Template

You can use this free transition templates to add professional transitions between scenes and clips. The template features several different transitions that wipe in different directions. The simple and minimal design makes them suitable for all kinds of business and creative video projects.

5 Free Title Templates For Premiere Pro

This is another great free bundle featuring a few simple title templates. These titles feature minimal designs and are ideal for various social media and YouTube videos. It includes 5 different title designs in Full HD resolution. The link includes a tutorial on how to use the templates as well.

Brush Stylish Free Logo Reveal Premiere Pro Template

Every YouTube video usually starts with a logo reveal. With this free template, you can also add a stylish logo reveal scene to your own YouTube videos. It features a colorful effect featuring brush strokes. If you have a YouTube channel related to creative work, design, or art, this template is perfect for you. The template is fully customizable and available in Full HD resolution.

Instagram Stories - Free Premiere Pro Template

Running out of ideas for making attractive Instagram stories? Then grab this free templates pack to start making stylish stories for your followers. This bundle includes 10 different Premiere Pro templates for making various styles of trendy Instagram stories. The size of the templates is already adjusted for Instagram so there’s no need to customize. Just place your own text and images and hit publish.

Modern Promo - Free Premiere Pro Template

This is a free Premiere Pro template you can use to design a trendy promotional video for your corporate brand, creative agency, or even for Instagram. The template is easily customizable and comes with 22 placeholders for media and 16 placeholders for text.

Rolling Slideshow - Free Premiere Pro Template

A collection of stylish transition effects featuring modern and subtle effects. This free template includes 12 unique transition effects you can use to create a modern slideshow of your videos and images. It includes 13 placeholders for images or videos as well as 12 placeholders for text.

13 Free Textured Motion Graphics For Premiere Pro

This is a pack of 13 different textured effects that can be used to create titles, lower thirds, and much more in your videos. It comes with 7 title animations, 3 lower thirds, and 3 trendy transition effects done in the same style. You’ll need After Effects installed on your computer to edit the effects.

20 Glitch Transitions for Premiere Pro

If you’re making a technology-themed video, this free Premiere Pro template will allow you to add more style to it with glitching transition effects. This bundle includes 20 unique glitch effects you can use to create stylish transitions for various tech and social media videos.

21 Free Premiere Pro Templates

This is a collection of free Premiere Pro templates that includes a variety of motion graphics elements. It features 8 animated titles and 13 stylishly modern transition effects. All of the effects and elements are easily customizable as well.

Typography Titles - Free Premiere Pro Template

Looking for a template to create a stylish title scene for your videos? Then this free template will come in handy. It features a set of modern and stylish titles you can customize to make them your own. They are ideal for titles, quotes, and descriptions as well.

Smooth Grid Transitions for Premiere Pro

A set of 12 creative transition effects for Premiere Pro. You can use this pack to create stylish transitions featuring a grid effect. It’s easily customizable and comes with 8 direction and 4 position presets.

15 Free Camera Shake Presets for Premiere Pro

Add a camera shake effect to your videos using this free Premiere Pro template. It includes 15 different styles of camera shake effects that will make your videos look more upbeat and energetic.

Three Line Title - Free Premiere Pro Template

If you’re looking for a creative title design to add a unique title scene to your videos, this template will come in handy. It features a stylish title design with bold text in three lines in an outline font. The title scene takes over the entire screen as well.

Cube Glyph Title - Free Premiere Pro Template

A creative title scene featuring lots of stylish glyphs and minimal design. This template is perfect for adding a title to design-related videos and even coding and programming videos. The title is easily editable to your preference.

Vibrant Shapes Instagram Story Premiere Pro Template

Want to create a colorful Instagram story that attracts everyone’s attention? Then use this free Story template. It features easily editable text placeholders and an optimized design for making modern and creative Instagram stories.

5 Free Ink Transitions Templates for Premiere Pro

The ink-style transitions are popular in video editing, especially for photo slideshow and wedding video albums. This free bundle gives you 5 different ink transition animations you can use to create all those creative videos. It even includes media placeholders for easily adding your own photos and videos as well.

Unique Titles - Free Motion Graphics Template

This is a pack of simple and clean title scenes for Premiere Pro. It includes 11 different title designs you can customize to fit different types of videos. They are most suitable for vlogs and social media videos. The templates are available in Full HD resolution and they’re fully editable as well.

300+ Premiere Pro Transitions Pack

With more than 300 different transitions to choose from, this massive bundle will give you plenty of options to add stylish transition animations to various videos. It includes various shapes-based animations. And all of the templates are available in Full HD and 4K resolutions.

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