Every vintage design needs the right combination of vintage patterns, textures, fonts, and backgrounds to create the atmosphere. You can’t create that timeless vintage look without them.

In this article, we’ll help you find everything you need for crafting more professional vintage designs. We handpicked a collection of vintage textures, patterns, and backgrounds you can use with various types of digital and print designs.

Be sure to download all these resources and keep them saved for later. Thanks to the Envato Elements subscription, you can download everything for a single price. Of course, there are a few free downloads on the list as well. Have a look.

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Asian Deco - Seamless Vintage Patterns

This bundle comes with a collection of elegant seamless patterns featuring designs inspired by Asian culture and art-deco styles. They will fit in perfectly with everything from luxury branding designs to wedding-themed designs and more. The bundle includes 12 patterns for Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.

Seamless Vintage Botanical Patterns

If you’re working on a vintage design for a food brand or product, this pack of botanical patterns will come in handy. It features beautiful seamless patterns features various botanical designs. They are perfect for food and drink product label designs. There are a total of 4 different patterns in PNG format.

Blackview - Vintage Grunge Textures Collection

You can use the vintage textures in this collection to add a distressed look and feel to your designs. Whether you want to make your text look old or design backgrounds, there are plenty of choices in this pack. It includes 23 different textures in both original and half-tone designs. You’ll also get a bonus pack of 92 vintage objects as well.

White Vintage Paper Textures

A bundle of vintage paper textures featuring very realistic designs. You can choose from 30 different paper textures with aged looks to craft your own vintage backgrounds and add textures. All of the textures are available in high-resolution JPG files.

Vintage Floral Seamless Patterns Pack

Floral patterns are a perfect choice for various greeting card and wedding card designs. With the help of this pattern pack, you can also add a vintage look at the same time. There are 12 unique seamless floral patterns in this bundle featuring classic vintage designs. They are available in JPG format.

Free Japanse Vintage Patterns

This is a collection of free vintage patterns featuring designs inspired by Japanese culture. These are perfect for various types of background designs. It includes 5 different patterns and they are available in EPS and PNG file formats.

Free Vintage Japanese Paper Textures

Another bundle of vintage paper textures featuring Japanese-themed designs. These textures come in JPG file format. And there are 12 different styles of textures in this pack. All free to download.

Art Deco - 10 Vintage Patterns

Make your designs look as if they were from the Great Gatsby with this bundle of vintage patterns. It includes 10 different patterns with art-deco design styles. Perfect for giving a luxury and high-end look to your business card, stationery, and branding designs. The patterns are available in PSD and JPG formats.

50 Vintage Backgrounds

This is a mixed collection of vintage backgrounds that features different styles of vintage designs. There are 50 different backgrounds to choose from in high-resolution JPG format. You can use them to craft website backgrounds, posters, flyers, and everything in between.

Vintage Lines Half-Tone Textures

The half-tone vintage lines texture is a commonly used style in vintage designs. With this texture pack, you can also create the same style of half-tone textured designs with ease. The bundle includes 10 different designs in AI, EPS, and PSD file formats as well as in high-resolution PNG format.

Old Vintage Paper Textures Collection

Another bundle of vintage paper textures featuring realistic paper designs. This collection comes with a total of 53 textures featuring old paper textures, burnt edge textures, and deckle edge textures. The textures are available in PNG, PSD, and JPG file formats.

Vintage Leaf Seamless Pattern Background

You can use this collection of vintage patterns to design beautiful packaging and wrapping for hand-made products. As well as backgrounds for greeting cards, invitations, and much more. The seamless leaf patterns will help add more elegance to your designs. The patterns are available in EPS file format.

Free Vintage Hot Air Balloons Pattern

Craft creative backgrounds for your vintage designs with this colorful pattern. This pattern features lots of hot air balloons. You can use it to design packaging for products, posters, add text styles, and more. Download it for free.

Free Forest Animals Vector Seamless Pattern

Similar to the previous pattern, this one also comes with colorful and adorable forest animals. This one is perfect for children’s book covers, greeting cards, and banner designs. The pattern comes in high-resolution JPG and EPS files.

Vintage Rays Backgrounds

Adding the classic vintage rays background is the perfect way to make your poster and flyers look more vintage. These backgrounds are designed just for that type of designs. It includes a vintage rays background in 10 different color variations. All available in high-resolution JPG files.

Vintage Christmas Backgrounds

Make your Christmas-themed designs look more joyful with these vintage Christmas backgrounds. This bundle includes 11 different backgrounds with classic designs. You can use them in various print and digital designs. The backgrounds come in JPG files.

30 Seamless Vintage Halftone Patterns

A collection of seamless half-tone patterns. These are perfect for adding that vintage half-tone print look to your graphics, illustrations, and comic designs. The bundle includes 30 different seamless patterns in Illustrator swatches.

Edgeless Vintage Scuff Textures

If you want to add some wear and tear to your graphic designs and titles, this bundle of textures will come in handy. It features 15 different vintage scuff textures that are great for adding a rough look to your designs. The textures are available in PNG, EPS, and AI formats.

Vintage Seamless Mosaic Pattern

This collection of beautiful patterns feature stunning mosaic patterns with vintage designs. The bundle includes 8 different patterns in EPS and JPG file formats. You can use to create various ethnic and traditional designs.

Free Moroccan Vintage Geometric Patterns

The patterns in this bundle feature stunning geometric designs inspired by the Moroccan culture. There are 8 different patterns in this pack in AI, EPS, and PNG formats. You can download them for free.

Free Vintage Old Paper Textures Pack

A collection of free vintage paper textures featuring old and aged designs. These textures can be used to craft realistic vintage backgrounds for your print and digital projects. The bundle includes 16 textures in JPG format.

10 Vintage Grunge Wood Textures

A bundle of grunge wood textures for adding a worn-out look to your designs. This collection includes 10 different textures you can also use to craft backgrounds. The textures are available in high-resolution JPG files.

Scratched & Torn Vintage Paper Textures

Add realistic scratches and torn effects to your designs using this pack of vintage textures. There are 32 textures to choose from and they are available in JPG format. As a bonus, you will also get a collection of 70+ textured brushes as well.

Mid-Century Illustrated Patterns

This collection of patterns includes mid-century illustrations with colorful designs. They are perfect for crafting more entertaining backgrounds and print designs, including packaging designs and greeting cards. You can choose from 10 different patterns in AI and JPG formats.

Looking for more patterns and textures? Be sure to check out our best floral backgrounds and geometric textures collections.

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