Lookbooks and catalogs are an important element of promoting a business. They help you not only to showcase your products and services to customers but also to build trust and establish your brand.

Today, we share with you a way to create more professional and attractive lookbooks and catalogs at a very low cost using pre-made templates. With the help of lookbook and catalog templates, you can create amazing-looking brochures for your business without needing to hire expensive design agencies.

We handpicked some of the best catalog templates that suit all kinds of businesses and professionals. Whether you’re a business or a freelancer working on a catalog design, these templates will help you design a more effective brochure with minimum effort. Take a look.

Furniture and Interior Design Catalog Template

Furniture design and interior design brands take good advantage of lookbook catalogs to showcase their work, especially as they allow you to use big images to clearly highlight beautiful designs. This catalog template is designed with all the right elements to help such brands promote their services. The template comes in InDesign format with 28 custom page layouts.

Multipurpose Lookbook and Portfolio Template

If you want to design a lookbook for a fashion brand or a product catalog for a small business, this template can handle them all. It comes with a multipurpose design featuring page layouts that can be customized however you like. The InDesign template includes 32 pages and comes in A4 and US Letter sizes.

Modern Product Catalog Template

Product catalogs give you a unique way to showcase the many different features of a product in a way that’s easy for the customers to understand. This template will help you design such a catalog to promote your various products. It includes 32 different page layouts that you can customize using Adobe InDesign.

Elegant Fashion Lookbook Template

You can use this InDesign template to create a lookbook for a fashion brand or a clothing shop. It features a very visual-centric design where you can show off your apparel designs with big pictures that takes up two pages. The template comes in A4 and US Letter size featuring 36 page layouts.

Clean Design Lookbook Template

A simple and clean design is a clear sign of professionalism, just like this particular template. It features a very simple design that allows you to show off your fashion designs with a touch of personality. The template includes 48 different page layouts that you can customize using InDesign CS4 or higher.

Harmony - Free Square Lookbook Template

This is a free lookbook template you can use for your personal projects. It comes with 24 page layouts featuring plenty of space to show off product images and descriptions. It also uses a square-shaped design that will help you create a brochure that stands out from the crowd.

BLACKMAMBA - Free Minimal Lookbook Template

This free InDesign template is most suitable for creating fashion lookbooks with a minimal design. It features a black and white design across 40 unique pages. You can easily customize it to change colors and fonts as well.

Minimal Product Catalog Template

If you’re looking for a catalog template with a minimal design to highlight your products and services, this template is perfect for you. It comes with a very modern and creative page design featuring a minimalist layout. There are 20 unique pages to choose from and the template is available in both A4 and US Letter sizes.

Reinca - Lookbook Fashion Catalog Template

This InDesign template doubles as both a lookbook and catalog template. You can use it to showcase many different types of fashion and apparel designs. The template features a landscape design and includes 15 page layouts. You can easily edit and customize the template using InDesign CS4 or higher.

Bold & Minimal Product Catalog Template

Another minimal catalog template with a bold design. This template uses fewer colors to give a more aesthetic vibe to your product catalog designs. That makes it a great choice for designing catalogs for agencies and modern brands. It includes 32 customizable page layouts in an InDesign file.

ANNA - Fashion Lookbook Template

Fashion industry is always changing and invents new trends all the time. This lookbook template is designed for brands that embrace change. It features a very elegant design that lets you highlight your fashion designs in a professional way. The InDesign template includes 20 customizable page layouts.

Clare - Photography Lookbook Template

Lookbooks offer a perfect way for photographers and studios to promote services by showing off their work. This template is designed with exactly those businesses in mind. It features a minimal page design with large visual areas to showcase photos and visuals. The template comes in A4 and US Letter sizes with 30 pages.

Fashion Lookbook & Portfolio Template

Use this lookbook template to create a beautiful portfolio of your fashion designs. It comes with 32 pages featuring different styles of customizable designs. You can edit this template using InDesign to change the colors, fonts, and images quite easily as well.

Free Fashion Lookbook & Magazine Template

This free lookbook template is available in InDesign and PSD file formats. You can use it to design both fashion lookbooks and magazines. It comes in US letter size and you can use it with your personal projects for free.

Free Lifestyle Fashion Lookbook Template

Another minimalist lookbook template for crafting a simple fashion catalog. This template is free to use and comes with 30 pages that you can customize using Adobe InDesign. The free download is perfect for experimenting with lookbook page designs.

Classic Product Catalog Template

Big brands and chain retail businesses still use product catalogs as a way to promote their products to consumers. This is a template that allows you to design a similar product catalog covering a large variety of products. The template includes 28 page layouts in A4 and US Letter size.

Creative Lookbook Catalog Template

A very modern and creative lookbook template for designing catalogs for interior design and furniture design businesses. The template includes 24 stylish page designs you can use to showcase your designs like a true professional. It comes in INDD and IDML formats.

Landscape Food Catalog Template

If you’re working on a food catalog brochure for a hotel or a restaurant or even for a food brand, this template will help you craft a unique catalog without an effort. It comes with a landscape page layout filled with colorful shapes and image placeholders. There are 18 pages to choose from as well.

Modern Fashion Lookbook Template

The bright and creative use of colors on each page makes this template the perfect choice for making lookbooks for designer fashion brands. The template features 36 pages in A4 and US Letter size. And you can easily customize the pages to change colors, images, and fonts.

Fashion Photo Catalog & Magazine Template

You can use this template to create both fashion photo catalogs and magazines. It comes with 28 unique page layouts that you can customize using InDesign CS4 or higher. The template also includes master page layouts for easier editing.

Free Photography Portfolio Lookbook Template

If you’re a photographer looking for a simple template to create a basic lookbook portfolio, this free template is a great choice for you. It features 24 unique page layouts with modern designs for showcasing your work. And it’s free to download and use with your personal projects.

Free Fashion Lookbook Template

A clean and minimal fashion lookbook template you can use to craft personal projects for free. This template also features easily editable page layouts in US Letter size. All the graphics, shapes, fonts, and colors in the templates can be customized to your preference as well.

Sunday - Minimal Lookbook Template

This is a very minimalist lookbook template made specifically for showcasing fashion and apparel designs. It features a landscape page layout that gives more attention to high-resolution images. The template comes with 32 fully customizable page layouts.

Simple Product Catalog Template

Another classic product catalog template for creating mass product catalog brochures. This template allows you to showcase different categories of products with properly formatted sections for detailing product features. The template comes with 16 page layouts and it’s easily customizable.

Photography Portfolio Lookbook Template

A simple lookbook template made specifically for photographers. It’s perfect for creating a lookbook-style portfolio to show off your photograph skills. The template includes 24 pages, which you can customize using either InDesign or Photoshop.

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