Gaming has turned into a billion-dollar industry. Now it’s even bigger than Hollywood itself. If you’re thinking about starting a career or business in gaming, now is the best time.

Whether you’re starting a gaming magazine, a YouTube gaming channel, or your own eSports team, one thing you must have is a killer logo to represent your branding and identity. We’re here to help you with that.

We handpicked some amazing gaming logo templates and eSports logo templates to help you craft the perfect logo for your gaming business. A great thing about these templates is that you don’t have to be a graphic designer to use them. You can easily edit and customize them using Photoshop or Illustrator all by yourself.

Have a look and see if you can find a gaming logo that matches your brand identity.

Anonymous Gaming Logo Template

If you want to create a gaming brand with a mysterious identity, this logo template is the perfect choice for you. It features a mysterious figure that will fit well with almost any kind of personality. You can use it for gaming channels, websites, or even as a mascot for eSports teams. The template comes in Adobe Illustrator AI and EPS file formats.

People Gaming Logo Template

This gaming logo template is most suitable for more aggressive players. The colorful and intense look of the mascot design will allow you to show off your dedication to gaming and what to expect from your content. The template can be customized using Adobe Illustrator.

Dragon Mascot & eSports Gaming Logo

Dragons are commonly used to represent strength and power. With this logo template, you can also show off the strength and power of your eSports team. The template features a beautiful shield logo that can be used for many different types of gaming brands. You can also customize it to change colors and text as well.

Pumpkin - Gaming Logo Template

A simple and creative gaming logo template that’s ideal for gaming blogs and YouTube channels. The fun and quirky design of this logo will allow you to show the entertaining side of your gaming content. This template comes in both Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop file formats.

Infinite Game Logo Template

This is a multipurpose gaming logo template that features a very professional design. It’s perfect for all kinds of business-themed gaming logos such as startups, organizations, and even apps. It’s also suitable for gaming blogs and magazines as well. It’s available in AI and EPS file formats.

Free Tiger Mascot Gaming Logo Template

A free gaming logo template you can use to design logos for eSports teams and streamers. This template comes in an easily customizable Adobe Illustrator file format. And you can edit the design however you like.

Odin - Free Gaming Logo Template

This free logo template comes with a stylish symbol featuring Odin, the god of wisdom and death. It’s perfect for representing your gaming brand in a more powerful way. The template is free to use with your personal projects.

Ninja Gaming eSport Logo Template

Show you’re just as good as a ninja at gaming with this colorful gaming logo template. This template is fully customizable. This means you can easily edit the template to change its colors so that you can personalize the design to match your branding. You can customize it using Adobe Illustrator.

Guners Girl Esport Logo Template

This gaming logo template is perfect for female streamers and content creators. It comes with a very casual and friendly mascot design that you can customize however you like. The template is available in vector format, allowing you to edit and scale it to your preference.

Rabbit Gaming Logo Template

Another fun and creative gaming logo template that uses a cute rabbit for the symbol design. This template is also suitable for both female and male streamers. You can edit it using Adobe Illustrator to change the text and colors.

Gaming Review Logo Template

Whether you have a gaming review blog or a YouTube channel, this logo template will help craft a fun logo for your brand. It features both the logo template and the full-color illustration separately so you can use your mascot to craft graphics for social media and other content as well.

Game Joystick and Hands Logo Template

A beautiful negative-space logo template for various gaming-themed businesses and brands. The calming and peaceful design of this logo makes it an ideal choice for non-profit organizations as well. The logo comes in Adobe Illustrator file format.

Bomber Skull - Free Gaming Logo Template

A colorful gaming logo that will fit in well with many different kinds of gaming content creators. This template is also free to use with your personal projects. And it comes in EPS file format.

Assassin - Free eSports Logo Template

This free gaming logo template is designed for gamers who consider themselves to be professionals. It features a subtle illustration of an assassin. You can customize the template using Adobe Illustrator.

PUBG Gaming & Esports Logo Template

PUBG is one of the most popular games available right now. This logo template is designed just for streamers and eSports teams that play this game. It features a mascot design inspired by PUBG. And it comes in full vector file format.

Rage Gaming - Mascot & Esport Logo

Some of the biggest streamers like DrDisrespect uses unique personalities for creating content unlike any other streamer. You can also channel your rage to create a persona for your gaming career. This template will help you get started.

Sentinel - Mascot & eSports Gaming Logo

Inspired by a character in Rainbow Six, this gaming logo comes with a beautiful mascot design that can be used by streamers who regularly play Rainbow Six Siege and other tactical games. The template is easily customizable. You can change its colors as well.

Bulls Esports - Mascot & Esport Logo Template

This gaming logo template is perfect for eSports teams that play competitive games. The design symbolizes the aggressive approaches you have to use in competitive games to take more wins. You can edit the logo template using Illustrator.

Gaming Blog & Business Logo Template

If you’re looking for a gaming-themed logo for a blog or a business website, this template will come in handy. It features a simple gaming-themed design showing a controller. The template comes in AI and EPS file formats.

Free Ninja Gaming Logo Template

The stylish ninja illustration in this logo template will help you craft a professional logo for your brand. This template is free to use with your personal projects. And it comes in EPS file format.

Free eSports & Gaming Logo Template

Another free gaming logo template featuring a simple and minimalist design. This template is ideal for both gaming blogs and YouTube channels. It’s available in EPS vector format.

Gaming Logo Template for Podcast & YouTube

This is a gaming logo template that’s perfect for all kinds of purposes. It’s especially suitable for gaming YouTube channels and podcasts. The template comes in a high-resolution AI file and it’s fully customizable to your preference.

Red Evil - Esport & Gaming Logo Template

Make your competitors fear you with this evil gaming logo template. It’s perfect for making a mean logo for an eSports team. The template comes in multiple formats, allowing you to customize it using Illustrator, Photoshop, and Sketch.

Game Shop - Games Store & App Logo Template

You can create a stylish logo for an online store using this template. This logo will go along nicely with shops that sell gaming-related products and devices. It’s available in AI and EPS file formats.

Master Gaming - Streamer Logo Template

This template will help you craft a logo that represents your personality. The template comes in vector EPS format so you can edit the layout to change colors and design as well.

ProGirl - Game Streamer Logo Template

The perfect gaming logo template for professional female streamers and content creators. This template will help you design a logo that matches all kinds of gamer personas. You can edit it using Illustrator CS6 and higher.

GameLab - Gaming Logo Template

If you’re designing a logo for a gaming startup or an agency, this template will help you craft the perfect logo for your business. It features a creative design showing a gaming controller and a lab flask mashed together.

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