One of the most important aspects of selling real estate property is making the houses, apartments, and the property look good on your website, flyers, and banners. It’s the first step in attracting prospects. Thankfully, there are amazing real estate Lightroom presets you can use to enhance your photos with just one-click.

You invest so much time and effort into making your properties look good but it all goes to waste if the photos you take don’t reflect the real beauty of the property. This is why you should not only hire the best photographers to take professional photos but also use the right post-processing effects to enhance those photos.

In this collection, we feature some of the best Lightroom presets for real estate photography.

Whether you’re managing a real-estate agency or a photographer working for one, these presets will help make your photos of property look more amazing and attract more clients to your business.

2 Million+ Lightroom Presets, Add-Ons, Actions + More

Download hundreds of Lightroom presets, Photoshop actions, and thousands of design assets with an Envato Elements membership. It starts at $16 per month, and gives you unlimited access to a growing library of over 2,000,000 presets, add-ons, templates, fonts, photos, graphics, and more.

Explore Lightroom Presets

Perfectly suited for real estate and interior photography, this collection of 20 Lightroom Presets will help you correct colors, tone, contrast, and noise, and enhance the overall look and mood of your pictures.

Check out the Real Estate Deluxe Edition featuring Lightroom presets purpose-built to give a bright, and airy look to your real-estate and interior pictures. The collection comes with 3 presets for mobile, and 3 for desktop.

Transform your photos into unique artwork with Interior Collection featuring 7 Lightroom presets, each working to make the dark areas brighter, and add warm, cozy tones, making your pictures look really light, natural, and professional.

Add natural light and brightness to your architecture and interior pictures with these Lightroom presets that work on improving the tone, color, and contrast, without compromising on picture quality. The best part is that these presets are free for download.

These Lightroom presets will help you enhance your home’s interior photos without having to sweat over considerable hours trying to edit the pictures from scratch. The collection is free for you to get your hands on, so try it out for your real estate and interior photos.

Real Estate Mobile & Desktop Lightroom Presets

This collection of Lightroom presets are specially designed just for real estate photography. It includes 11 different presets you can use to optimize landscape photos of houses, lands, and apartment buildings. They will quickly enhance colors and improve the lighting conditions of your photos to make them more attractive.

12 Modern & Clean Interior Lightroom Presets

Making photos of interiors look amazing is one of the most difficult tasks of real estate photography. Mainly because you have to work with very poor lighting conditions. You can easily fix those terrible interior photos by using these Lightroom presets. They are easy to use and instantly enhances your interior photos without an effort.

40 Bright Interior Lightroom Presets

A clever trick most real estate agencies use to wow their clients is using bright interior designs when showcasing houses. The reason is that white and bright interiors make the rooms look more spacious. These Lightroom presets will help you achieve that goal quite easily. It includes 40 different presets for enhancing the brightness of different types of real estate photography with just one click.

14 Pro Architecture Lightroom Presets

This bundle of Lightroom presets will be much useful to real estate agencies for showcasing large properties such as mansions and buildings. These presets are designed to enhance the architectural beauty of the structures. It includes 14 professionally designed presets you can apply to your own photos with just one click.

12 Clean Interior Lightroom Presets

Want to make your clean interior photos look even brighter and more colorful? Then this pack of Lightroom presets are perfect for you. It includes 12 different presets that allow you to optimize the colors and exposure of interior photos as well as to improve the colors at the same time. These presets will work with any type of photo, even if you shot them using a smartphone.

Hygge Interior - Free Lightroom Preset

This is a free Lightroom preset made just for improving your interior and indoor photography. The preset comes with a bright and airy effect that enhances your photos with a bright tone. It’s perfect for improving apartment interiors and showcasing rooms.

Quiet Street - Free Lightroom Preset

When selling a property, showing off the neighborhood and surroundings is also important. This free preset will help make those photos look even more amazing by optimizing the colors and brightness.

20 Interior Design Lightroom Presets

Let’s face it, most prospects care about the interior design of a property than any other aspect. And it’s your job to make sure your interior photos wow them at first glance. These Lightroom presets will help accomplish that by making interiors look more modern. The presets are made to enhance lighting and apply a moody tone to interior photography.

50 Desaturated City Lightroom Presets

Want to show off what your apartment building, mansion, or house looks like during night time? Then these Lightroom presets will help make your property look even more amazing at night. This bundle includes 50 different presets featuring desaturated effects. They optimize saturation to enhance specific colors of your photos. Giving them a unique look and feel.

Modern Interior Lightroom Presets

Making your interiors look modern and attractive is also part of selling real estate property. These presets will help make your modern interior photos look more natural and subtle with the help of 20 different effects. The presets are made to optimize photos shot in different lighting conditions and are especially suitable for apartment and hotel interiors.

14 Pro HDR Lightroom Presets

This is a collection of multipurpose Lightroom presets. They are designed to apply an authentic HDR look and feel to your ordinary photos. The HDR effect is quite difficult to create with ordinary cameras. But with these presets, you can duplicate the effect in Lightroom. The effect will make your real estate property and interior photos look more amazing.

Clarity - Free Real Estate Lightroom Preset

Just as the name suggests, this Lightroom presets is all about making your photos look more clear and brighter. The preset can be used to add clarity as well as for adding texture and toning effects to your photos as well.

Free Real Estate Lightroom Preset

This free Lightroom preset is perfect for quickly retouching your real estate photos. Whether it’s photos of a house, mansion, or an apartment, this preset can handle them all.

Moscow - Mobile & Desktop Lightroom Presets

This collection of Lightroom presets are most suitable for making your photos look more dreamy in flyers and websites. It includes 9 presets designed to give your photos a fantasy-like effect inspired by the designs of Moscow. These are ideal for enhancing photos of buildings and properties with a colorful look.

Campania - Mobile & Desktop Lightroom Presets

Inspired by the beautiful city in Italy, this Lightroom presets bundle will allow you to give a subtle country-side look to your real estate photography. These will come in handy when promoting your suburban properties. It includes 11 presets and they are compatible with both desktop and mobile versions of Lightroom.

Urban Walk Lightroom Presets

The presets in this bundle are perfect for improving urban photos, especially for showcasing apartment buildings and business locations. The pack includes 20 different presets for optimizing both street and buildings photography. They are easily customizable as well.

14 Pro Interior Lightroom Presets

Another collection of Lightroom presets made for enhancing interior photography. This bundle includes 14 professionally crafted presets that allow you to instantly enhance and improve the interior photos of your properties. The presets support both JPG and RAW image formats and works with Lightroom 3 and higher.

Dawning - Free Real Estate Lightroom Preset

Easily enhance photos taken in dark and cloudy lighting conditions using this free Lightroom preset. It will instantly improve your photos by adjusting brightness and exposure. It’s totally free to download and use.

Drone Zone - Free Lightroom Preset for Real Estate

This free Lightroom preset is perfect for improving the aerial photos of your real estate properties. It’ll do wonders for enhancing photos taken with drones as well. And it’s free to use however you like.

Street View - Free Lightroom Preset

You can use this free Lightroom preset to quickly optimize the street view photos of your real estate properties. The preset is easily adjustable to your preference and works with all kinds of image file types.

Free Lightroom Presets for Real Estate Photography

A collection of free Lightroom presets you can use to make your real estate photos look more beautiful. This bundle includes 10 free presets with various HDR and color-enhancing effects.

For more presets, check out our best professional Lightroom presets collection.

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