We bet you love your animal friends! And you know what? The same is true for your clients and customers (and their customers). So the next time you’re designing a logo or brainstorming branding possibilities, it might be time to get some inspiration from the animal world.

From lions and elephants to pets like puppies and kittens, these logo templates have it all! The collection we’re sharing with you today contains 25 diverse and interesting logo templates that can help you promote businesses related to pet care or other businesses that want to emphasize their branding and values by including animals in their visuals.

All of these logo templates are incredibly easy to use. All you have to do is boot up Photoshop, customize colors and styles, and you’ll have a stunning logo for your next presentation. So give your clients something special. Let’s dive into these stunning logo templates featuring animals and pets!

Answer the call of the wild with these stunning, vintage logo templates featuring wild animals such as: wolves, bison, and deer. You’ll get 9 badge versions featuring an adventurous and vintage typography style to make your logo truly memorable. Customize them in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, or XD.

Wild Vintage Logo Templates animals

Gentle and unique, these watercolor animal logo templates are perfect for projects with an artsy and feminine touch. With 12 incredible PSD logo templates you can customize in Photoshop, you’ll certainly give your clients a logo to remember. They work perfectly for artistic and beauty business branding projects!

Watercolor Animal Logo Templates

Rustic and vintage, these animal label or logo templates are perfect for your next branding or merchandising project. Featuring interesting American farm templates (as seen when driving through Nebraska), this logo template set offers unique vector illustrations of farm animals and other elements that you can customize in Adobe Illustrator.

American Farm Badge Label Logo Templates animals

Authentic and vintage, this animal logo template set offers plenty of options for your projects. All the elements are hand-drawn and include animals such as: owls, armadillos, wolves, and more. No matter the project, you’ll find something special in this fully-editable animal logo bundle for Photoshop and Illustrator.

Vintage Animal Logo Badges

These animal logo and badge templates are perfect for giving your clients a timeless and exciting look. Featuring animals such as eagles, leopards, bears, and lions, as well as vintage-inspired maximalist typography, this animal logo template set is perfect for logos, as well as badges, apparel and other branding materials.

Animal Logo Badge Logo Templates

Minimalist and clean, these animal logo templates offer plenty of options. From animals such as dragons and elephants, to garden variety hens and deer, these animal logos are perfect additions to your original logo design (especially if it’s minimalist), and you can easily customize them in Adobe Illustrator.

Animal Logo Template Collection

Simple and neat, this elephant logo template can be easily edited; from the colors, to text and font types. Due to its minimalist depiction, this elephant logo template is perfect for animal-related businesses, as well as modern, tech businesses that want to give their branding an extra dose of fun.

Elephant Logo Template animals

Modern and dynamic, this lion logo template is perfect for innovative brands that want to showcase their power. You can completely customize the colors in Adobe Illustrator to make it truly your own, while retaining the dynamic 3D aesthetic of the lion template. Use it for logos, apparel, or web!

Lion Logo Template animals

Simple and feminine, this animal logo template pack is everything you need to create gorgeous marketing materials and logos for your elegant brands. You can pick from animal elements such as birds and sheep, as well as flowers. These high-quality animal logo templates are vectors, so customizing them is easy!

Twelve Abstract Animal Feminine Logo Templates

Make your customers say: “Oh my God, that’s so cute, I need it right now!” with this sleeping dog logo template. Perfect for fun-loving and caring brands, this sleeping dog logo template is easy to customize and ensure your clients’ customers turn into loyal fans.

Sleep Dog Logo Template pet animals

Perfect for pet-related businesses, this happy dog logo template will give your branding an instant boost! You can use it for logos, business cards, as well as storefront displays that will instantly draw in a crowd. You can edit the text, colors, and more in both Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

Happy Dog Logo Template pet animals

Inside all of us is a wild thing, so make sure you show yours with these wild animal badges. Perfect for logos, as well as apparel and other marketing materials, these animal logo templates offer plenty of design options (from geese and dogs, to camels and alligators) with engaging typography.

Wild Animal Badges Set

Fun and memorable, this pixel dog gaming mascot template is perfect for eSports teams that don’t just want to get high scores, but captivate their fans, as well! Depicted as a pixelated dog, this animal logo template is easy to edit in Adobe Illustrator and guarantees awesome results.

Pixel Dog Gaming Mascot Template animals

Old MacDonald had a farm, and so can you! The next time you’re designing logos and branding materials for farming-related industries, make sure you use this pack. With clean animal templates inspired by retro depictions, this cattle and poultry logo templates guarantee phenomenal results your clients will love.

Retro Cattle Poultry Logo Templates animals

A dog is a man’s best friend, and your client’s brand can become their customer’s best friend with this cute dog mascot logo template. It’s perfect for pet-related businesses, as well as modern eSports teams that want to show off their personality.

Cute Dog Mascot Cartoon Logo Template animals

Neat and clean, these farm animal logo templates are incredibly versatile! Featuring domestic animals such as cattle and poultry, as well as black silhouettes with typography that’s a blend of retro and modern, this animal template set has everything you need. You can easily customize it in Illustrator!

Farm Animals Logo Templates

This zombie cat logo template is one of a kind, which makes it perfect as your next logo mascot. It works perfectly for (e)Sports teams that want to show off their unique personality and attract more fans. You can easily customize the cat logo template in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

Zombie Cat Logo Template animals

Give your clients something more authentic and perhaps even exotic with this animals and wildlife icon and logo template set. Featuring unique species such as the kiwi bird and lynx, you’ll get plenty of options to create a memorable logo or add an interesting icon to your materials.

Animals Wildlife Icon Logo Templates

Versatile and modern, this logo template alludes at care and love for pets, making it perfect for vet clinics and other pet-related businesses. Featuring a heart-shaped paw, this pets logo template is easily customizable (colors and text) in Illustrator and Photoshop to get a beautiful logo in a few minutes.

Love Pets Logo Template animals

Show some team spirit with these animal mascot templates! Featuring 6 diverse designs that include lions, bulldogs, deer, and more, this mascot template set is perfect for logos, apparel, and much, much more. The serif typography is incredibly engaging, so you’ll get stunning results your clients will love!

Animals Mascot Templates

Featuring a puppy hugging its own tail in a modern rendition, this pet lover logo template is perfect for modern pet care (and other pet-related) businesses. You’ll get 3 color variations (greyscale included) that you can customize in Adobe Illustrator, and provide your clients with an unforgettable logo.

Pet Lover Logo Template animals

Give your next project a dash of dynamism with this fish vector line icon template set. Featuring everything from dolphins to puffer fish, this animal logo pack is a perfect fit for logos, as well as other marketing materials. They’re versatile, and look perfect with every design style.

Fish Vector Line Icon Templates animals

Cute and playful, this Petline dog logo template is perfect for loving and friendly brands. Featuring the outline of a dog, this pet logo template comes in 3 distinct styles: color, dark, and white, so you can mix and match to get the perfect results for your next branding project.

Petline Dog Logo Template animals

Start a movement, not a business! These animal mascot templates are perfect for sports teams, as well as unique brands. Featuring emblem designs which include wolves, pandas, gorillas, and more, this animal logo template set gives you plenty of options to make your next logo, merchandising, or branding project amazing.

Various Animals Mascots animals

Simple, clean, and easily editable, this dog logo template is a perfect fit for all kinds of projects; from pet-related projects, to branding projects for companies that want to showcase their friendly and giving nature. You can easily edit the line-drawn dog icon in Adobe Illustrator to fit your needs.

Pet Love Dog Mascot Logo Template animals

Show your power with these phenomenal, illustrated animal logo templates. They were inspired by vintage army illustrations, and they’re perfect for drumming up the hype for timeless brands – either through logos and mascots, or apparel and merchandise. From eagles, to dogs, you will get plenty of options!

Illustrated Vintage Army Animal Logo Templates animals

Good art inspires, and good design motivates. So the next time you’re designing a logo, make sure you consider these versatile logo templates that feature pets and animals.

From line drawings, to illustrations, there’s plenty to pick from. Incredibly easy to use and customize, these logo templates will help you elevate your next project: Add a dash of fun to your branding work and wow your clients.

Design logos that establish your clients’ brand as timeless and showcase their personalities. And since some of the animal logos you will see have even been inspired by vintage typography and illustrations, you can even use them to design phenomenal apparel and merchandise!

We promise you (and your clients) will love the results these templates will provide. So, what do you say? Are you ready to roar? Pick your favorite and let’s get to work!

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