If you’re looking for the perfect font for a logo, business card, stationery, or any kind of branding for a corporate business, you’ve come to the right place.

In this post, we bring you a curated collection of the best fonts you can use with designs related to business and corporate brands.

Whether you’re making a business flyer, poster, signage, or searching for a font for your brand identity, you’ll find all kinds of fonts in our collection that can be used with various design projects and purposes.

We’re also featuring a few helpful tips for choosing a font for your business, to help you with making this important decision!

Top Pick

Media Times - Elegant Business Font

This elegant and professional font is a great choice for designing a brand identity or practically any type of business or corporate design.

The timeless modern design of this font will also ensure that your brand and business designs stay relevant for a long time.

Why This Is A Top Pick

The formal serifs and the professional letter design of this font adds a certain class and elegance unlike any other font on our list. This is a must-have font for business designs.

Nordhead - Business & Corporate Font

Nordhead is a clean and professional font you can use to design all sorts of business and corporate designs. Including letterheads, logos, business cards, and more. The minimal sans-serif style of the font also adds more value to the design as well.

WALTER - Modern Business Font

Walter is a creative business font that comes with a unique design that makes it perfect for luxury and high-end branding designs. The font comes in 5 different font weights ranging from thin to heavy. It’s also available in the web font version.

Monolith - Sans Family

Monolith is an ultra-minimalist font featuring a thin letter design. This font is most suitable for modern businesses and creative agencies for crafting logos, business cards, and website designs. The font includes multilingual support and it’s available in multiple weights.

Murphy Sans - Elegant Business Font

Murphy Sans is an elegant font featuring a sans-serif design that actually looks like a serif font. This gives it a unique professional look. The font is perfect for crafting all sorts of business and corporate designs.

Gamine - Free Sans-Serif Business Font

Gamine is a free font with a unique letter design. The font comes with a set of alternate characters and ligatures you can use to add a unique touch to your designs. It’s completely free to use with your personal and commercial projects.

Zolina - Modern Business Font family

Zolina is a very elegant family of fonts that can be used to create all kinds of brand and business creations. It’s especially suitable for crafting lifestyle and fashion brand logos. The font is available in 9 different weights.

Rovey - Handwritten Serif Font

Rovey is a beautiful handwritten font featuring a creatively imperfect design. It’s ideal for designing logos, labels, and badges with a personalized design for various businesses. The font comes in 3 different styles featuring a lot of alternate characters and ligatures.

DELUXES - Classy Font For Luxury Brands

This font will fit in perfectly with all types of designs related to luxury brands. It comes with a classy and formal design that stands out from the crowd. The font is available in 8 different styles.

Houston - Elegant Business Font

Houston is a pair of elegant business fonts that comes with both script and serif fonts, both of which you can combine to create stylish business and corporate designs. The fonts are also available in light and slant designs as well.

BERLIN Rounded - Sans Serif Font

Berlin is a beautiful sans-serif font featuring a set of rounded characters. This font is perfect for making logos, banners, and website headers for modern startups and corporate agencies. The font comes in 4 different weights.

Metrisch - Simple Business Font

Metrisch is a creative business font that features a minimalist thin design. This font is most suitable for making professional and corporate logo designs, stationery, flyers, and much more. The font also features stylistic alternates and multiple weights as well.

GATSBY - Unique Display Typeface

Just like the classic novel, this beautiful font also features a classy vintage design that also makes it a great choice for creative business and agency designs. The font comes in 4 different styles including Normal, Outline, Retro, and Distorted designs.

Devant pro - Modern Business Font

Devant pro is a professional sans-serif font that features a bold and narrow letter design. This font comes with multiple font formats including SVG fonts. It’s ideal for designing website headers, posters, and logos for creative businesses.

Batisde - Free Luxury Font Duo

Batisde is a pair of modern fonts that feature both a script and serif fonts you can use for free with personal projects. This font pair is perfect for crafting luxury brand and modern corporate designs.

Adca - Free Modern Business Font

ADCA is a modern typeface you can use for free with both personal and commercial projects. The elegant design of this font makes it suitable for all types of brand designs.

RAXTOR - Modern Corporate Font

Raxtor is another professional font you can use to craft various business and corporate designs. The font comes in 2 weights with regular and bold designs as well as multiple font formats including SVG.

Orion Pro - Modern Sans-Serif Font

Orion Pro is a modern font family that includes 12 different fonts ranging from light to black weights along with italics. The font features a narrow sans-serif design that makes it suitable for both title and body text designs.

Hasty - Elegant Business Font

Hasty is an elegant business font that features a stylish script design. The font is most suitable for designing business cards, logos, and labels for modern companies and brands.

Rockyeah Sans - Modern Business Font

This creative font comes with a modern design featuring a set of characters with uncommon designs. Since it’s an all-caps bold font, it’s best for creating titles and headings for professional designs.

Monometric - Free Business Font

Monometric is a bold free all-caps font that’s most suitable for crafting titles and headings of your business and professional designs. It includes numbers and punctuation as well.

Rolves - Free Elegant Corporate Font

Rolves is an elegant free font you can use to craft all kinds of corporate and business designs including logos, business cards, stationery, and more. It’s free to use with personal projects.

Bambi - Creative Script Fonts

Bambi is a collection of beautiful fonts that comes with a creative brush script design. The curvy design of this font makes it ideal for feminine brand and business designs such as logo, label, and flyer designs.

Garde - Luxury Logo Font

Garde is a unique font made specifically for crafting logos for luxury and modern businesses. The font comes in multiple formats, including a web font version of the typeface.

Milano - RetroFuturistic Sans Serif Font

Milano is a creative business font that comes with a mixed design of retro-futuristic elements. The font is ideal for crafting logos, labels, and badges for luxury brands, fashion brands, and agencies.

Regime Grotesk - Business Font Family

This is a modern corporate font that features a design inspired by Italian designs from 1930s. The font comes in both regular and rounded styles and allows you to choose from 4 different font weights as well.

NORMAL - Minimal Sans Serif Typeface

Normal is another stylish font with a luxury design that’s most suitable for crafting logos and badges for modern brands and companies. The font comes in 5 different weights and includes a web font version as well.

VISIA Pro - Elegant Geometric Font

Visia Pro is an elegant business font that features a set of characters that have been designed to perfection using geometric layouts. The font is ideal for all kinds of business and corporate designs.

Amillia Signature - Free Script Font

Amillia is a signature style script font you can use to design stylish business cards, signatures, and logos. The font is free to use with personal projects.

Prestage - Free Corporate Font Family

Prestage is a font family you can use for free with various business and corporate designs. Although the free version is only available for personal projects.

4 Tips for Choosing a Font for Your Business

Before we get to the collection, make sure to take note of these tips to find the right font for your business and brand.

1. Use a Minimal Modern Font Design

Minimalism is a key aspect of modern business and brand design. Especially when it comes to startup businesses, minimal sans-serif fonts are quite popular.

Cleon Sans font

Uber, Airbnb, Dropbox, and many popular startup companies use simple sans-serif fonts. Mainly because sans-serif fonts are easier to read and are more flexible when using across both print and digital designs.

2. Get a Font Family

When choosing a font for your business to use in the long-term or when picking a font for a brand identity, remember to pick up a font family.

Adallyn Serif Font Family Pack

Font families come with multiple styles of fonts as well as multiple font weights. They will offer you more options for designing various branded content.

3. Choose a Theme That Matches Your Brand

Mallicot Script font

Even business fonts come in different themes and styles. For example, there are business fonts made in vintage themes like the font used by Hermès. Then there are script type fonts like the one used by Johnson&Johnson and Cadillac. It’s up to you to pick a font that matches your brand, audience, and industry.

4. Find a Font With Multiple Formats

As a corporate brand or a startup business, you’ll use your fonts in many different ways. You’ll have to use the same font to design websites, logos, stationery, event flyers, posters, and much more. You’ll also have to use the font with different software and apps as well.

Ace Sans

So remember to find a font that comes in multiple formats, including OpenType, TrueType, Web Font, and even SVG formats to ensure you are able to create all kinds of designs using the same font design.

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