Today we’re featuring a collection of elegant business and corporate PowerPoint templates you can use to create all kinds of professional presentations.

Having a creative and attractive slideshow is the key to delivering a more impactful presentation. You need to use the right template to achieve that goal.

Whether you’re making a slideshow for a startup, a corporate agency, or a multinational brand, this collection has both free and premium templates for all purposes.

Top Pick

Aspect - Corporate & Business PowerPoint Template

Aspect is a clean and minimal PowerPoint template designed specifically for making slideshows for corporate businesses and brands.

This PowerPoint template comes with 36 unique slide designs, all of which you can easily customize to change colors, fonts, and images. All of the graphics and shapes are also resizable as well.

Why This Is A Top Pick

Thanks to its drag and drop editing features and master slide layouts, you’ll be able to create many different kinds of business presentations using this PowerPoint template.

Kita - Business PowerPoint Template

If you’re looking for a PowerPoint template with a modern design to create more relevant and attractive presentations for your business, this template is for you. It comes with 30 unique slides featuring master slide layouts, editable graphics, and image placeholders.

Dilling Business - Corporate PowerPoint Template

Dilling is a PowerPoint template made for modern businesses and corporate agencies. The template features a set of 30 unique slides with stylishly minimal layouts. Each slide contains easily editable designs with vector shapes, icons, and free fonts.

Bila Business - Creative Powerpoint Template

This creative PowerPoint template is perfect for creating presentations for startups and modern corporate businesses. The template comes with 30 slides featuring a very unique style of design. It will surely help your business and brand stand out from the crowd.

Forade - Tech Business Powerpoint Template

Working on a presentation for a tech startup or a business? Then use this PowerPoint template to create a professional presentation without an effort. The template includes a fully customizable design with image placeholders, transition effects, and more.

Free Business Proposal PowerPoint Template

This is a free PowerPoint template you can use to design professional business proposal presentations. The template includes lots of vector elements, icons, and comes with 20 unique slide designs.

Flowing Co - Business Powerpoint Template

A PowerPoint template with a modern design. This template is perfect for designing presentations for agencies and lifestyle brands. It comes with 15 unique slide layouts featuring master slide layouts, editable graphics, and easily editable image placeholders.

Light Color - Creative Powerpoint Template

This colorful PowerPoint template features 30 unique slide layouts and they are available in 5 different color schemes. You can use it to create presentations for creative agencies and design portfolios. Each slide in the template is fully customizable.

Pushing - Minimal Corporate Powerpoint Template

Use this minimal and clean PowerPoint template to design professional presentations for corporations and businesses. The clean layout of the slides will help get more attention to your content. The template features 20 unique and customizable slide layouts.

Flocue Business SWOT PowerPoint Presentation

This beautiful and modern PowerPoint template is designed just for corporate and small businesses, mainly for showcasing the company SWOT analysis. Template includes 120 unique slides in 4 different color schemes.

Buildstu - Business Powerpoint Template

Buildstu is a creative and minimal PowerPoint template featuring more than 30 unique slides you can use to design professional and business presentations. The template also features master slides and vector icon pack.

Wynter - Modern Business PowerPoint Template

Wynter is a modern PowerPoint template most suitable for making portfolio and business presentations for agencies and companies. The template includes 38 unique slides with master slide layouts and editable vector graphics.

Klai Business - Creative Powerpoint Template

This beautifully minimalist PowerPoint template features 30 unique slide layouts. You can use it to create presentations for modern businesses and brands. It also includes easily editable master slide layouts as well as an icon pack.

Business Overview - Corporate Powerpoint Template

Another professional PowerPoint template designed for making presentations for showcasing businesses, projects, and proposals. This template includes 30 unique slides that are fully customizable and comes with image placeholders for drag and drop editing as well.

Free Business Plan PowerPoint Template

Craft a simple yet effective business plan presentations using this free PowerPoint template. It includes more than 300 slides filled with infographics, graphs, vector graphics, and more.

Conference - Free Pitch Deck PowerPoint Template

Conference is a free PowerPoint template that features a set of slides designed for crafting pitch decks for presenting ideas, startups, and businesses to audiences. The template includes many vector graphics and elements as well.

Emira - Creative Company PowerPoint Template

Emira is a modern business and corporate company PowerPoint template featuring 25 unique slide design. It also lets you choose from 5 different premade color schemes as well. You can also create your own slides using its master slide layouts as well.

Minola Business - Creative Powerpoint Template

Minola Business PowerPoint template features a highly professional design that allows you to create a presentation that stands out from the crowd. The template lets you choose from 30 unique slide layouts filled with vector shapes and graphics.

IDEA - Business Presentation Template

Featuring an elegant dark color theme, this creative PowerPoint template is ideal for making slideshows for creative agency, business, and brand presentations. The template comes with 45 unique slide layouts with editable vector icons and shapes.

Bring N Co - Corporate Powerpoint Template

This minimalist PowerPoint template is most suitable for crafting presentations for corporate brands and businesses. It includes a set of 70 professionally designed slides you can easily customize to your preference.

Altezza - Free Business PowerPoint Template

Altezza is a free PowerPoint template that includes 11 unique slide designs for crafting minimal and elegant business presentations. It also features master slide layouts and editable graphics.

Epsilon - Free Corporate PowerPoint Template

Epsilon is a complete free PowerPoint template you can use to create both personal and commercial presentations. The template comes with dozens of slides that include infographics, charts, graphs, and much more.

Business Proposal - Creative PowerPoint Presentation

Are you designing a slideshow to present a new business or a project proposal? Then this PowerPoint template will help you get the job done. This template features 20 unique slides designed for making effective business proposal presentations.

Business Illustration - Modern Colorful PowerPoint Template

This colorful and creative PowerPoint template is the perfect choice for designing slideshows for modern business and creative agency presentations. The template comes with 15 unique slides featuring lots of attractive illustrations. You can easily edit the graphics to your preference as well.

Business Marketing - PowerPoint Presentation Template

You can create more attractive and impactful business presentations using this modern PowerPoint template which includes 30 unique slide designs. The template is easily customizable and includes slide designs for all kinds of presentations.

Business Plan - Corporate Agency Powerpoint Template

Creating the perfect slideshow to present a business plan takes a lot of work. This is a great PowerPoint template that will help you avoid all that work. It includes a set of creative slides filled with editable graphics, master slides, and image placeholders for easier editing.

Business - Powerpoint Presentation Template

This elegant PowerPoint template comes with 50 unique slide designs you can use to create all kinds of business presentations. The slides are also available in 10 different premade color schemes. It’s a must-have template for all designers and businesses.

Blue Business - Corporate PowerPoint Template

Blue Business is a clean and simple PowerPoint template designed for making presentations for corporate businesses and agencies. The template lets you choose from 28 unique slide designs to craft highly professional presentations for various business purposes.

Business Plan - Free PowerPoint Template

This minimalist and elegant PowerPoint template is perfect for crafting a slideshow to present your business plans and proposals. The template includes 20 unique slides with easily editable designs.

Project Proposal - Free PowerPoint Presentation Template

Another creative free PowerPoint template featuring professional slide designs. It comes with more than 20 unique slides with master slide layouts, animations, and image placeholders.

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