The popular double exposure effect is not an easy effect to master. Only a Photoshop expert can pull it off. But, there’s a quick workaround you can use to achieve that same effect without any effort—with a double exposure Photoshop action.

Double exposure is a popular effect now being used in advertising, website designs, movie posters, and print media. Back in the day, photographers created this effect using their cameras by combining a silhouette photo and a fill photo. Designers took this effect to the next level using Photoshop. And the digital version of the effect gives you more control and freedom to achieve the perfect blend.

You don’t need expert skills to create this beautiful effect. Simply take a look through our collection of the best double exposure Photoshop actions and use it to instantly apply the effect to your photos.

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Wanting to take the finest attributes from distinct pictures and merge them together to create something unique and creative? Check out this double exposure Photoshop Action set helping you achieve exactly that without having to sweat over the effect for countless hours.

Ideal for designers and photographers, this Photoshop Action allows you to create beautiful pieces of artwork such as professional-grade photos, branding materials, album covers, social media posts, and much more.

Enjoy the lethal combination of glitch and double color exposure effects with this unique and professional Photoshop Action that will pay for itself many times over. It also comes with a help file to help you with the installation process.

Create a beautiful double exposure effect with this set of two Photoshop Actions that allows you to use a range of methods and intensities in just a few mouse clicks. Best of all, it’s absolutely free for you to download.

Here we have another free double exposure Photoshop Action collection that you might want to consider. It allows you to amalgamate two pictures that have a white background, and customize the resulting image to your liking. A great option that can be used in a wide range of professional and creative applications!

AI Modern Double Exposure Actions

Even though we’re not quite sure about the possibility of creating AI-powered Photoshop actions, the double exposure effect created by the actions in this bundle seems to be quite unique and accurate. It runs the Photoshop actions with organized layers for easily customizing the effect as well.

Color Double Exposure Photoshop Action

This unique Photoshop action allows you to create double exposure effects with a colorful design. The actions work with Photoshop CS4 and higher and it includes 50 different color presets for creating different styles of double exposure effects.

Animated Double Exposure Photoshop Action

A modern Photoshop action featuring a stylish parallax double exposure effect. This action lets you create an animated double exposure effect that you can use to create GIFs and videos. It lets you choose from 4 different styles of the effect as well.

Modern Double Exposure Photoshop Action

This is a creative double exposure Photoshop action you can use to create graphics with a more artistic approach. The action comes with 25 color scripts and uses adjustable layers for the effect to let you customize it however you like.

Creative Double Exposure Photoshop Action

This simple double exposure effect will help you create stylish designs for posters, banners, and book covers. It can be easily customized with Photoshop CS4 and lets you edit the effect to your preference as well.

Minimal Double Exposure Photoshop Action

Another minimalist double exposure action that works with Photoshop CS4 and higher. It also creates a customizable effect that will make your posters and backgrounds look even more attractive.

This double exposure Photoshop action is not only easy to use but it will also make the effect look as if it’s done by an expert. This high-quality Photoshop action also comes with 18 different color presets that you can mix with the effect to personalize the design as well.

Being able to customize Photoshop actions is an important factor that makes a big difference in personalizing the effect to make it your own. This double exposure action allows you to do just that. This customizable Photoshop action works with almost any version of Photoshop as well.

This free double exposure action is just as good as a premium Photoshop action. This simple action is best for using with your portrait photos to create a basic double exposure effect.

A bundle of double exposure Photoshop actions. This pack comes with 80 different presets you can use to create beautiful double exposure effects with your photos. It also includes instructions on how to use the actions.

This is a unique pack of content that includes everything you need to create the perfect double exposure effect. It includes Photoshop actions, 30 textures, and 10 double exposure gradients that you can mix and match to create unique effects without having to download additional content.

Another great free double exposure action that allows you to create the effect with just one-click. It comes with 2 actions for creating the double exposure effect and it can be easily customized to your preference as well.

Have you ever wanted to create a video or a GIF using the double exposure effect? Then this Photoshop action is made just for you. This effect allows you to create a double exposure video or a GIF using images or videos. You can use them in your promotions, social media posts, and even in your YouTube intros.

Another high-quality double exposure Photoshop action that allows you to easily create a professional quality effect with a few clicks. This action is very beginner friendly and it supports Photoshop versions CS3 and above.

This is a pack of free double exposure Photoshop actions that includes 4 different filters for creating the effect in various styles. The final result can be easily edited using its adjustment layers.

This special double exposure action not only blends two photos to create the effect but also adds a beautiful glowing effect to your designs. This is a one-click Photoshop action but it also allows you to easily customize the effect to your preference with organized layers.

A simple and an easy to use double exposure action that works with Photoshop CS3 or better. This action can be applied to your designs with a few simple clicks and allows you to create a great double exposure effect.

This is a free double exposure action that creates the effect mixing red and blue colors with your photos to achieve a colorful and an intense look. You can use this effect when designing movie posters, book cover, album covers, and more.

Double exposure is not just about combining two photos into one. You can also use the same effect with other textures and graphics to create unique designs. This Photoshop action allows you to mix smoky graphics and textures to create stylish double exposure effects.

This is another unique double exposure action that not only generates a double exposure effect but also adds a duotone effect to your graphics. It comes with 12 different duotone effects that you can test and choose for your double exposure designs.

This pack of free double exposure actions comes with 3 different Photoshop actions for creating the perfect double exposure effect. You can even adjust the intensity of the effect when using these actions.

This is a two in one pack of effects that includes two Photoshop actions for double exposure effects and another single exposure action. It also comes with 235 light effects that work with both actions for creating unique designs. The pack includes 33 textures as a bonus as well.

Another double exposure effect that uses a stylish duotone effect for creating a retro-style double color exposure effect. The effect supports 7 different color styles and it even works with shapes as well as images.

A free double exposure Photoshop action that includes 2 different effects for creating the effect in different styles. You can also edit and customize the effect to create your own double exposure effect.

Even though this Photoshop action is technically not a double exposure effect, it uses the same standards. This action uses pieces of newspapers, letters, and shapes and combines them with your portrait and landscape photos to create an artistic text effect for your photos.

A simple yet an effective double exposure Photoshop action that gets the job done. It comes with 4 different variations of the action for creating different types of double exposure effects and it can also be combined with other Photoshop actions as well.

This is a double color exposure Photoshop action that helps you design a creative double exposure effect while also adding a mixed color effect to your artwork. The action is free to download and use with your personal projects.

Another free double exposure action that lets you easily create the effect with just a few clicks. The action is also customizable and you can also use it to add effects of your own.

If you’re a fan of Photoshop action, don’t forget to check out our collection of the best Photoshop actions of 2018.

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