If you’re looking for a way to future-proof your designs, there’s no better way to start than finding a modern, futuristic font for your projects. And this collection of the best modern and futuristic fonts is a great place to start!

We’ve picked out some of the best futuristic fonts you can use with your website designs, T-shirt designs, posters, and branding work.

Whatever your project, they’ll be something that fits the bill.

We’re also featuring tips on how to design with futuristic fonts, to shed some light on ways to work with these stunning typefaces!

Top Pick

RAXTOR - Modern Display Font

Raxtor is a modern display font that features a bold and elegant character design. You can use this font to craft all kinds of designs from logos to posters, website headers, business cards, and much more.

The font comes in 3 different styles including normal, italic, and outline versions. It also features regular and bold weights as well as web font versions as well.

Why This Is A Top Pick

Choosing a single best modern or futuristic font is difficult as each font has its own unique style of design. Raxtor comes out on top as it has a character design that fits many different types of professional, business, and creative projects.

Evalter - Modern Sans Serif Font

This font has all the right elements of the perfect modern font. It comes with a set of clean-cut letters, unique letter designs, and gives your headings and titles an uncommon look at the same time. It’s a great choice for everything from poster titles to logo design.

Fauna - Futuristic Display Font

Fauna is an elegant display font featuring a unique set of characters. It includes minimalist letters with a geometric design that makes each letter look like a piece of art. You can use this font to create logos, titles, T-shirts, and everything in between.

Buick - Modern Ethnic Font

Buick is a very unique font that comes with an ethnic letter design similar to the ones you see in old Norse languages. This gives this font a truly one-of-a-kind look. And it’s perfect for designing T-shirts, labels, logos, and more.

Herlik - Modern Serif Font

Herlik is a modern serif font that features a set of letters with subtle alterations to let you design titles and headings with a unique design. It’s an all-caps font that’s most suitable for designing big poster titles and logos.

Alégra - Free Modern Sans Font

This is a free sans-serif font that also comes with a clean modern design. It’s perfectly suitable for all kinds of professional and creative projects. And you can use it with your personal designs for free.

Astro - Futuristic Cyberpunk Font

Astro is a futuristic font that comes with a design inspired by cyberpunk and robotic elements. This font comes in multiple styles featuring extrude, cable, and extrude shadow letter designs. It will definitely make your designs look ahead of time.

Zonex - Modern Logo Font

Zonex is a modern sans-serif font with creative stylistic elements. It includes a set of all-caps letters you can use to craft modern logos, badges, website headers, and much more.

HEIMDAL - Futuristic Font Family

This futuristic font is ideal for crafting unique titles and headers that stand out from the crowd. It comes with 8 different fonts featuring different weights and styles. And you can use them to craft all kinds of creative and professional designs.

Alectro - Modern Sans Serif Font

Alectro comes with a unique set of characters that uses lines to give each letter a unique personality. It’s ideal for crafting poster titles, T-shirt designs, and even logos. The font is available in multiple weights as well.

Gaia - Free Modern Condensed Font

Another free font featuring a modern and condensed letter design. This font includes both uppercase and lowercase letters. You can also use it for free with your personal and commercial projects.

Real Young - Stylish Futuristic Font

This is a creative and futuristic font you can use to craft modern and hipster designs. The font is perfect for poster and flyer designs, especially ones that target young and teen audiences.

Ritalina Sans - Elegant Modern Font

Ritalina Sans is a modern font you can use to craft beautiful posters, website headers, and even greeting cards. The elegant design of this font will make your creations stand out from the crowd.

Cred is a minimalist and a stylish flat font that comes with all-caps letters, numbers, and more. The font is available in both regular and corroded styles. The urban-style design of this font makes it perfect for website header designs, posters, event flyers, and branding designs.

Fusioner is a font that comes with a design mixed with street graffiti and a futuristic brush calligraphy style. The font features 100 glyphs, ligatures, alternate letters, and more. It’s ideal for everything from book covers to T-shirt designs and much more.

Galaxy - Free Futuristic Font

Galaxy is a futuristic font featuring a stylish and unique design that’s most suitable for making posters, logos, and social media posts. This font is completely free to use with your personal and commercial projects.

Botera - Free Modern Stencil Font

Botera is a modern font that features a stencil style design. This font is ideal for crafting unique logos and posters. It comes in 2 styles and includes ligatures and alternates as well.

Divine Razier is a brush font with a rough stroke design. It includes a set of letters that features a stylishly futuristic design. You can use with your event flyers, posters, website designs, movie posters, and book covers.

A futuristic font with a geometric design. This font has a unique serif style design that gives an attractive look to your designs. It also comes with a web font version to use with your digital designs as well.

Porta is a fun and playful font that also features a futuristic design. It’s an uppercase font that comes in 2 styles and includes creative alternate letters for several letters for giving a unique look to your logos, website headers, social media posts, and posters.

This font comes with an unusual design that makes it truly one of a kind. The font features 26 letters and 7 extra symbols, all with a transparent design. All the letters come to you in separate PNG files to let you easily use and customize the design however you like.

Breymont is an elegant font that comes with a futuristic vibe. It includes 2 font styles in all-caps with numerals and accents. The font is best for creating attractive and original designs that stand out from the crowd.

Bioweapon - Free Modern Typeface

Bioweapon is a modern font featuring a stylish futuristic design. This font has a set of creative characters in all-caps. It’s also free to use with your personal and commercial projects.

Astron - Free Sci-Fi Futuristic Font

Astron is a free futuristic font that features a sci-fi inspired design. The font comes in 3 weights including light, regular, and bold. You can use the font for free with commercial projects.

Ornacle is yet another futuristic font with an unusual design. It features a creative design with unique elements embedded in its letters. The font is ideal for logotypes, website headers, and branding work.

This curvy and futuristic font can be used to add a stylish look to your logo and business card designs. It also comes with a luxury vibe that will definitely make your product labels and website designs pop.

Reiju is a sans-serif font that comes with a truly out of this world design. The unique and weird design of the letters will truly help add an attractive look to your designs. The font also includes 2 styles as well.

This futuristic font is ideal for your logotypes, posters, flyers, branding, and many other types of design projects. It comes with both uppercase and lowercase letters as well as numerals and symbols.

Quashar is a modern font featuring a hand-drawn look and a rough design. The font can be used with your posters, book covers, album covers, T-shirt designs, and more.

Efesto - Free Condensed Modern Font

This free modern and elegant font is perfect for designing professional and business-themed designs. The font features a condensed character design and it includes both uppercase and lowercase letters.

Pamu - Free Creative Futuristic Font

Pamu is a futuristic font with a creative design. This font has a set of characters featuring a rounded design that makes it perfect for posters and website headers. The font is free to use with personal and commercial projects.

Modeka is a modern and a futuristic sans-serif font. The elegant design of the font makes it perfect for feminine product design projects as well as logotypes and branding work.

This geometric sans serif font comes with a one of a kind design. It features both uppercase and lowercase letters and support for multilingual characters. You can design unique logos, headers, posters, and much more using this unique font.

Arcane is the perfect font for designing logotypes. It features a stunning and luxurious design that will fit in well with almost any type of brands and businesses. It’s also perfect for crafting website headers and letterheads as well.

This font features a modern and futuristic design mixed with a playful vibe. It’s ideal for crafting posters, book covers, album covers, and catalogs. The font features both uppercase and lowercase letters as well.

Entra is a modern font designed specifically for logo and branding designs. It’s an all-caps font that features a mixed design of both sharp and rounded corners. It also includes a web font version as well.

A minimalist and an elegant font you can use to design logos, product labels, and website banners for high-end products. The font comes in 4 versions, regular, light, semi-bold, and bold.

In addition to its beautiful bold design, this font also features a professional look that will make the appeal of your designs last for a long time. The font comes in two weights as well as a web font version.

Mangano is a display font that also comes with a textured design. The mix of classic and modern elements make this font truly one of a kind. The font also includes accents, glyphs, punctuations, and more.

Kikuri is a watercolor brush style font you can use to add a quirky look to your designs. The inconsistent design of the letters makes this font stand out from the crowd. The font pack also includes several extra elements in a PSD format as well.

UrbanCase is a future modern font for luxury design projects. It comes in 2 versions, regular and a Slant version. The font is ideal for logotypes, signatures, signage, and letterheads.

Ichiji is a highly futuristic font that comes with a unique design of its own. This font will definitely make people turn their heads around to look at your designs. The font comes in 2 versions.

A unique compressed grotesque font featuring attractive alternate characters. It’s a family of fonts that includes 8 weights from thin to heavy. The font also comes with many extra features like small and petite caps, fractions, and more.

Airy is a creative and futuristic font that comes with a stylishly unique design. It’s perfect for crafting trendy logos, branding, website header designs, and more.

This condensed font supports multiple languages and comes with 380 glyphs. The font is available in 5 different versions as well.

This unique font is designed based on a futuristic concept. It’s an all-caps display font you can use to craft beautiful logos, website headers, signage, book covers, and CD covers.

The unique characters of this decorative font feature many ancient symbols that will take you back in time. However, the unusual design of this font will also add a certain futuristic vibe to your designs. The font is available in several different variations as well.

Garde is a font designed specifically for designs related to luxury businesses and high-end products. You won’t find a better font than this one to craft a gorgeous logo or a website header for a jewelry or a luxury fashion brand.

Organa is a family of fonts that comes in 3 versions, all of which features a stylishly futuristic design based on geometry. You can use it for crafting logotypes, book covers, flyers, greeting cards, and much more.

5 Tips for Choosing a Futuristic Font

Modern and futuristic fonts are different from other ordinary fonts and feature several unique characteristics. Follow these tips to find the best futuristic font for your next project.

1. What Type of Design Are You Working On?

Futuristic fonts have their own unique designs that make your designs stand out from the rest. However, these fonts aren’t suitable for all types of design projects.

For example, if you’re designing a poster to promote an electro music concert, you should use a futuristic font. But, it may not be a suitable choice for a poster promoting a classical music concert.

Try to choose a font that matches the purpose of the overall design, the audience you’re targeting, and its industry.

2. Look for a Unique Character Design

Most futuristic fonts have its own style of character designs. Each letter and number has creative shapes and styles that gives an identity to the typeface.

When choosing a futuristic font look for a typeface with a unique character design. A typeface unlike any other you’ve seen before with unordinary letters.

3. Be Mindful of the Font Combinations

Futuristic fonts are often used to design titles and headers. But, don’t forget about the paragraphs and the body text of your designs.

The font you use for the body text of your design should match the style of the title font. Otherwise, your design will end up looking like a mashup of two different designs.

So don’t pick futuristic fonts with too unusual designs or you won’t be able to find a matching font to pair it up with.

4. Find Inspiration From Pop Culture

If you’re struggling to pick a font that fits your project or industry, try looking for inspiration in pop culture.

For example, futuristic movies like Tron and Blade Runner as well as video games like Cyberpunk 2077 uses very creative font designs that you can use as inspiration to find fonts with similar design and integrate into your own projects.

For more inspiration, be sure to check out our space fonts and hand lettering fonts collections as well.

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