Wearing a face mask is not something you can choose to do, it’s the new normal! You might as well get used to it. Thankfully, designers are now finding creative ways to make face masks look more fashionable with custom designs.

If you’re also working on a face mask design for a client or to sell in your own shop, you’ll want a great-looking mockup to showcase your designs in a professional way. We’re here to help you with that process.

In this post, we’re featuring a collection of face mask mockup templates you can use to show off your unique face mask designs with a realistic view.

The collection includes all kinds of face mask mockups with various shapes, sizes, layouts, and different styles of straps. Have a look.

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Explore Mockup Templates

Face Mask Mockup Template

Showing fashion designs using mannequin models is always easier and more appropriate. This mockup template also features a mannequin-like model wearing a mask. You can easily edit the template using Photoshop to place your own design on this mask mockup. The colors of the mockup can be customized to your preference as well.

Cotton Face Mask Mockup Template

You can use this mockup template to show your face mask with a clean and close-up view of the design. This mockup is made specifically for cotton and fabric face mask designs. The template comes in a high-resolution PSD file that you can edit with just a few clicks.

Woman Wearing Face Mask Mockup PSD

Using this mockup you’ll be able to give a realistic look and feel to your face mask designs. The mockup is created with a photorealistic look and it comes in 3 different scenes. You can easily edit each mockup template in Photoshop and place your design with one-click using Smart Object layers.

Face Mask Isolated Mockup Template

Featuring 4 different mockup templates, this mockups collection includes fully customizable layouts with changeable backgrounds. Since it includes both male and female models, you’ll be able to showcase different styles of mockup designs at the same time as well. All templates are customizable with Photoshop CS4 or higher.

Medical Face Mask Mockup Templates

Working on a medical face mask design? Then use this template to showcase your creations. This pack includes 2 different mockup templates that allow you to preview your mask design from different angles. Both templates feature isolated mask layouts you can replace using Photoshop smart objects.

Free Man Wearing Face Mask Mockup

This is a free face mask mockup template you can download and use to showcase your mask designs. The template features a trendy look with a man wearing the mask. It’s also based on a real photo as well.

Free Medical Face Mask Mockup PSD

Another free face mask mockup template with a fully customizable layout. You can easily replace the mask design and change backgrounds using Photoshop. And it’s completely free to use with your personal and commercial projects.

Trendy Face Mask Mockup Template

If you’re looking for face mask mockup to showcase your designs with a fashionable and trendy look, this template will come in handy. It includes 2 different mockups featuring a close-up and a side view of the masks worn by men. It’s perfect to add to your online store or to promote your designs on social media.

Stylish Face Mask Design Mockup

A very trendy face mask mockup template with a modern look and feel. This template allows you to show off your face mask design with a natural look. And it’s easily customizable as well. You can edit and place your mask designs using smart object layers.

Face Mask Mockup with Closeup View

This face mask mockup template is most suitable for presenting fabric-based designs. The template itself features 2 different views of the mask with an easily editable design and effects. You can also change the background and replace the design with just one-click as well.

Wearing Face Mask At Work Mockup

With more people slowly going back to work and adjusting to the new normal, it’s crucial to show why wearing a mask at work is important. This is a great mockup template you can use to achieve that goal. The template comes in 4 different PSD files with different views and smart objects for easy editing.

Colorful Face Mask Mockup Template

A beautiful mockup template to showcase your stylish face mask designs. This mockup template comes with organized layers, changeable backgrounds, smart objects, and much more. It also allows you to showcase your mask designs in packaging as well.

3 Medical Face Mask Mockup Templates

Another mockup template for showcasing medical face masks. This pack comes with 3 different mockups that feature close-up views of the masks. The mask designs of the templates are fully customizable. You can change the colors of the straps and even change the background to your preference.

Man Wearing Face Mask Mockup

This face mask mockup is perfect for showcasing modern and stylish mask designs as it features a male model wearing the mask. The template is available in 4 different angles where you can easily place your design using smart object layers.

Isolated Medical Mask Mockup

If you’re working on a medical mask design, this mockup template will allow you to show off your design in a professional way. It features an isolated mask mockup with a realistic look and feel. It’s available in 8 different views as well.

Medical Face Mask Mockup Templates

This medical mask mockup template is ideal for showcasing and promoting mask designs for businesses and brands. It allows you to showcase your mask designs in multiple views and angles. As well as change the background to your preference.

2 Realistic Medical Face Mask Mockups

A bundle of 2 face mask mockups featuring simple designs. Both mockups feature isolated elements that you can customize however you like to change the colors and replace the design using smart objects.

Free Face Mask PSD Mockup

This is a free face mask mockup that features a realistic design based on a real photo. You can customize it using Photoshop and you are free to use it with commercial projects.

Face Mask Mockup with Side View

If you want to showcase your mask designs with a stylish side view, this mockup is made just for you. It comes with a mannequin wearing a mask while showing an angled view of the mask design.

7 Isolated Face Mask Mockup Templates

This bundle comes with 7 different mask mockup templates featuring different angles and styles of masks, allowing you to show off your mask designs in both open and folded views. Each template can be easily customized using smart objects.

Scuba Face Mask Mockup Template

A simple face mask mockup with a basic design. This mockup is most suitable for showcasing your mask designs in online stores and websites. The template is available in 2 different styles.

Realistic Face Mask Mockup Template

This mockup template comes with multiple angles of the mockup featuring a very professional design. It’s suitable for both professional work and promoting your designs on social media. You can customize them using Photoshop.

Free Custom Face Mask Mockup

Another high-quality and free face mask mockup for showing off your designs in style. This mockup can be downloaded by sharing the link via one of your social networking channels.

Free Cloth Mask Mockup PSD

The natural look of this mockup template will allow you to show your face masks in a more realistic way. You can download it for free to use with both personal and commercial projects.

Free Girl Wearing a Face Mask Mockup

Kids and teens deserve their own unique and creative face mask designs. Use this free mockup to showcase your kid-friendly face mask designs. It’s based on a real photo and can be customized using Photoshop.

15 Lifestyle Face Mask Mockups

This is a big collection of face mask mockups that features 15 different PSD files. Each template includes a different view of the masks that you can use to show off what your face mask will look like in lifestyle settings. It includes mockups featuring both male and female models as well.

Photorealistic Face Mask Mockup Templates

Even though these mockup templates feature a mannequin model wearing the masks, it gives off a very photorealistic view of the masks. It’s perfect for showcasing fabric mask designs. And the bundle includes 9 different settings in easily customizable PSD files.

Face Mask & T-Shirt Mockup Templates

Here’s an idea. Design face masks to match your T-shirt designs. And then use this mockup pack to showcase both your T-shirt and face mask designs at the same time. This templates pack includes 8 different mockups featuring a female model. It’s based on real photos to give your designs a realistic look as well.

Front-Facing Face Mask Mockup

Use this mockup to show a clear front-facing view of your mask designs. This mockup is easily customizable and you can change its background, colors, and replace the mask design with Photoshop smart objects.

Customizable Face Mask Mockup PSD

A fully customizable face mask mockup that you can edit and experiment with your create unique mockup scenes. Everything in this template is customizable. You can change its colors, background, shadows, angles, and much more. It’s perfect for showing off different views of the mask as well.

Free Realistic Face Mask Mockup

Another free face mask mockup made based on a real photo. This mockup features a male model. You can easily edit the mockup in Photoshop to place your own designs using smart objects. It’s free to use with commercial projects.

Free Face Mask Mockup Template in 4K

This simple and free face mask mockup is perfect for showcasing your simple and basic mask designs. It’s easily customizable and comes with a changeable background. The mockup is available in 4K resolution as well.

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