If you’ve got gorgeous art your audience loves, don’t just settle for presenting it through prints. Instead, use mockups and show them what your work would look like in their apartments.

Therein lies the magic of poster frame mockups. Used by both artists and graphic designers, mockups open new possibilities. Poster frame mockup templates are an incredible asset for increasing your sales and turning your art into a reality. This is especially important if you create digital art.

When you can show your customers what your work would look like framed on their walls, you’re getting a significant competitive advantage. You can also use poster frame mockups to present your posters, flyers, and other materials to your clients.

Today, we’re going to show you 30 phenomenal poster frame mockup templates for Photoshop.

Customizing them is as easy as 1, 2, 3! All you have to do is open Photoshop, and replace the smart objects with your content. It takes a few minutes, and you’re going to get gorgeous photo-realistic results.

Make your poster stand out, no matter the size. This elegant poster frame mockup for Photoshop is compatible with dimensions A0 through A6, but works best as A2. You can toggle cables, change DOFs, as well as pick from and change backgrounds. You’ll get incredibly photo-realistic poster results!

A2 Elegant Poster Frame Photoshop PSD Mockup Template

Elegantly situated, these poster/painting/photo frame mockup templates will elevate your next presentation! The mockups are completely customizable, and you can pick from 5 PSD files that are super easy to edit. Ultimately, you’ll get beautiful, realistic results for clients and customers that want elegant art on their walls.

Poster Frame Photoshop PSD Mockup Template

There’s nothing like showcasing your designs on panoramic subway billboard mockups. This panoramic billboard template is perfect for elevating the significance of your project, as well as emphasizing your design’s ability to keep up with trends and entice wide audiences. Editing it is really easy, too!

2:1 Aspect Ratio Panoramic Billboard Photoshop PSD Mockup Template

Simple and casual, this art print frame mockup is perfect for advertising your art to your fans. Since it depicts your framed art in a neutral living room, it’ll be very easy for potential customers to imagine just how well it’ll suit their interior design aesthetics.

Art Print Frame Photoshop PSD Mockup Template

Simple and personable, this square poster frame mockup is perfect for showcasing smaller art and branding designs. From posters, to advertisements, these mockups with 4 different views and perspectives lend itself perfectly to your artistic vision. Customize the effects, adjust the background, and take your audience’s breath away!

Square Poster Frame Photoshop PSD Mockup Template

Modern, elegant and realistic. These poster frame mockup templates offer over 10 photo-realistic templates, 3 frame sizes, and 6 frame styles. Not only will they make your designs shine, but you can make sure every detail is picture-perfect, including special effects, background, lighting, and shadows. Your audiences will love it!

Poster Frame Photoshop PSD Mockup Template

Simple and realistic, this framed poster on a wall is the perfect mockup template for your next presentation! You can choose from 7 frame options, and 6 background options to get stunning, photo-realistic results. No matter if you’re showcasing your art, or commissioned designs, customers will adore it!

Framed Poster on Wall Photoshop PSD Mockup Template

A neutrally-designed and well-lit living room is the perfect place for your next artwork or poster. With this poster frame mockup template, it’s really easy to get photo-realistic results that will show your customers how well your artwork suits their tastes. Upload your design, and you are done!

Poster Frame Hanging on Living Room Wall Photoshop PSD Mockup Template

Clean and minimal, these photo poster frame mockup templates are perfect for showcasing your work; branding, art, or photography. You’ll get 5 PSD files with 5 different formats, depending on your (or your clients’) needs. You can even change the color of the walls and frames!

Photo Poster Frames Photoshop PSD Mockup Template

Modern interiors require modern posters, and this poster mockup template for Photoshop will bring your ideas closer to your audience’s tastes. Professionally photographed, this poster mockup fits the scene incredibly well, and offers a great way to showcase designs your customers will love, regardless of your art style.

Poster Mockup with Contemporary Interior Photoshop PSD Mockup Template

When designing office interiors, it’s important to visualize the appearance before making the final decision. This art print mockup template set in a small office is perfect for presenting solutions to clients who want to refresh monotone spaces. You can easily customize it, and change the poster color.

Art Print in a Small Office Photoshop PSD Mockup Template

Frame Design Mockup Templates (Photoshop PSD)

Minimal and versatile, this frame poster design mockup template set is perfect for showcasing all kinds of artworks! You’ll get 3 design options, all very easy to customize with a little help from Photoshop’s smart objects. From there, it is time for your design to shine!

Frame Design Photoshop PSD Mockup Template

Elegant designs require elegant presentations, and there’s nothing like this beautiful wooden glass frame mockup template for Photoshop. With 2 photo-realistic presentation options, changeable background, and seamless editing with Photoshop smart objects, these templates will amaze your clients! They’re perfect for both art and branding projects.

Wooden Glass Frame Photoshop PSD Mockup Template

Keep everyone’s gaze focused on your design with this poster mockup template. Conveniently leaned against the wall, on a wooden floor, this framed mockup template is perfect for posters, artwork, and branding projects. You can easily customize it with Photoshop smart objects, and adapt it to your vision!

Poster Leaning Against Wall on Wooden Floor Photoshop PSD Mockup Template

These two art print poster mockup templates are perfect for personable and meaningful art! Your clients are definitely going to want to hang your work in their bedrooms after seeing how well they look in these photo-realistic mockups. Easily add your poster designs to the frames situated above the bed!

Two Art Prints in a Minimalistic Bedroom Photoshop PSD Mockup Template

Casual and trendy, this frame poster mockup template is perfect for presenting your work to young and hip audiences. Created in a realistic studio background and easily editable in Photoshop, this frame mockup is perfect for posters, art, and more. Your audience will love seeing this mockup in your presentation!

Frame Picture Photoshop PSD Mockup Template

None of the mockups suit your vibe? Don’t worry! This poster scene creator is the perfect solution. With 19 top-view adjustable elements, and 3 smart objects, you can set the right scene for showcasing your designs. It is perfect for art promotion, and even social media business promotion!

Poster Scene Creator Photoshop PSD Mockup Template

Simple and clean, this hanging poster frame mockup sets your designs against a brick-wall background, making it perfect for communication your vision to younger audiences attracted to industrial aesthetics. And with Photoshop smart objects, it’s really easy to add your own work to these PSD poster frame mockups!

Hanging Poster Frame Photoshop PSD Mockup Template

Want to know what your work will look like when hundreds of people come to see it in real life? Now you can! These poster frame mockups set the scene in a gallery, with a crowd admiring your art. All you have to do is upload up to 2 designs!

Poster Frames Displayed at a Gallery Photoshop PSD Mockup Template

Let the lights of your city shine bright for your designs! This gorgeous urban billboard mockup is perfect for advertisements and branding materials, especially lighter designs with neon elements. After a few clicks in Photoshop, you’ll get stunning, photo-realistic results to take your audience’s breath away!

Urban Poster-Billboard Mock-Ups Night Edition Photoshop PSD Mockup Template

Simple and clean, this mockup consisting of three folded posters helps you showcase the full effect of your designs. It’s especially handy if you want a unique presentation, displaying them in a grid. The mockups are easy to customize, and you can change the background and poster colors.

Three Folded Posters in a Row Photoshop PSD Mockup Template

Make your audience want to buy your work immediately with this gorgeous poster frame mockup template set! With 7 mockups which you can easily customize in Photoshop, and plenty of interesting scenes to play with, you’ll get everything you need to get your audience excited about their purchase!

Poster Frame Photoshop PSD Mockup Template

Help your customers see what your art will look like in their living room with this contemporary poster frame mockup template for Photoshop. Set on the living room wall, this mockup is easy to customize, and speaks volumes about your work! It’s best for bigger and horizontal designs.

Decorative Art Print Frame on Wall Photoshop PSD Mockup Template

A simple poster frame mockup template which comes in 6 variations, this is definitely the asset to add to your toolkit – no matter the project you’re working on! It’s easy to customize (edit the background, shadows, and add your designs with smart objects), and versatile!

Poster Frame Photoshop PSD Mockup Template

A little industrial, a little vintage, and your beautiful design right in the middle of it! This horizontal poster frame mockup template is perfect for showcasing unique and eccentric designs, as well as posters for modern and young audiences. Add your art in a few clicks, and customize the colors!

Horizontal Poster Frame on an Old Wall Photoshop PSD Mockup Template

Minimalist and simple, this poster frame mockup template is perfect for all kinds of designs and artworks. The white frame fits both light and dark designs. You’ll get 2 mockups to customize your presentation, and changing the background color is really easy with Photoshop smart objects, as well!

Poster Frame Photoshop PSD Mockup Template

If you want to showcase multiple art pieces, this framed poster mockup set is the perfect choice! You can display up to 3 different designs, all placed against a modern, white living room wall. Interior’s monochrome color combination makes the mockups perfect for both classic and eclectic designs!

Mockup Featuring Three Art Prints Placed Against a Modern Living Room Wall Photoshop PSD Mockup Template

Colorful and versatile, these poster frame mockup templates for Photoshop are perfect for different projects; from art, to branding and poster designs. You can mix and match between 5 different frames to create unique combinations that suit your (and your customers’) style. All you really need is Photoshop!

Beautiful Poster Frame Photoshop PSD Mockup Template

If you want to present your unique designs, you’re going to need something that’s never been seen before. Choose this urban poster mockup template! With realistic shading and placement on a wooden door, this poster mockup template offers an extra dose of vitality to your presentations.

Urban Poster Photoshop PSD Mockup Template

With so many different possibilities, you can finally present your art and your designs in the right light.

If you’re an artist selling your prints, your customers will love seeing what they’re going to look like in their apartments. If you’re a graphic designer commissioned to create branding materials, your clients are going to be amazed at your next mockup presentation. So don’t hesitate. Pick one of the poster frame mockup templates in this list, easily customizable in Photoshop, and get to work.

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