One of the nice things about using Firefox as your web browser of choice is that there are tons of Firefox extensions that can make your life even easier. You can use them to help you when developing WordPress sites, improve your marketing/SEO efforts, write better content, and just generally make your life easier and more productive.

In this post, we’ve collected 30+ of our favorite options. Since we’re a WordPress blog, we’ve geared this somewhat towards WordPress users. But the vast majority of these extensions are still super useful even if you’re not using WordPress.

To make it easy to find the extensions that you’re interested in, we’ve divided everything into four categories:

Let’s get right to the extensions!

Best Firefox Extensions for Developers

In this first section, we’ll share some of the best Firefox plugins for developers. Of course, the most useful tool is probably Firefox’s developer tools, but it’s kind of cheating to include that! Here are some other useful options beyond developer tools.

1. Web Developer

Web Developer adds a range of different improvements to Firefox. It’s an all-in-one solution that implements many of the individual features in other extensions on this list. For example, you can clear session cookies, display an element’s information, quickly edit CSS, and lots more.

2. User-Agent Switcher and Manager

User-Agent Switcher and Manager is a useful extension that lets you quickly switch the user-agent of your browser, which is useful when you’re testing and debugging a WordPress site.

It supports a wide range of operating systems and web browsers and you’ll be able to make all of your choices from a simple toolbar. You can also set per-site user-agent rules or randomly select a user-agent.

3. Clear Cache

If you’re a developer, you know how much the browser cache can wreak havoc on a site while you’re developing it. This simple add-on lets you clear your browser cache with a single click or button press. Bam – no more caching issues!

4. Cookie-Editor

Cookie-Editor is a useful add-on for manipulating cookies while working on sites. It lets you easily create, edit, or delete a cookie for the current tab that you’re working in. You can also import/export cookies and there’s a button that lets you quickly delete all cookies for the current page.

5. ColorZilla

Ever found the perfect color for your site while browsing the web? ColorZilla lets you easily get inspiration from any source just by clicking on it. With the eyedropper tool, you can click on any pixel to quickly get its hex code.

It also includes a webpage color analyzer that lets you get a full color palette for any site, as well as other useful features for working with colors.

6. Font Finder

Font Finder does for web fonts what ColorZilla does for colors. It lets you analyze any font on a web page to quickly get its font family, size, weight, transform, colors, and more.

If you find that perfect font on someone else’s site, this makes it super easy to use it as “inspiration”.

7. WordPress Theme Detection

If you’re building WordPress sites, WordPress Theme Detection is a useful tool that lets you easily detect which theme a WordPress site is using.

8. Html Validator

Html Validator does what the name says – it adds validation inside Firefox. You’ll be able to see errors right on the page as well.

9. Wappalyzer

Wappalyzer is a useful tool for analyzing other websites. It lets you quickly see all of the technologies that a site is using. It can detect CMS (e.g. WordPress), web server, programming language, analytics, operating system, and lots more.

10. Measure-it

As the name suggests, Measure-it lets you easily measure any part of a web page. You can draw a ruler to quickly check width, height, or alignment. There are also keyboard shortcuts to help speed things up.

11. React Developer Tools

React Developer Tools adds new options to Firefox developer tools to help you work with React apps. You’ll be able to easily inspect a React tree from inside the regular developer tools interface.

12. Vue.js devtools

As the name suggests, this extension is a useful tool to help you debug Vue.js applications. As with the React Developer Tools add-on above, Vue.js devtools integrates into the regular Firefox developer tools.

13. RESTClient

RESTClient helps you debug RESTful web services, including the WordPress REST API. You can construct custom HTTP requests inside the browser to directly test requests against a server.

Best Firefox Extensions for Marketing/SEO

Now, let’s go in another direction and focus on some of the best Firefox plugins for the marketing and SEO side of creating websites.

14. SEO Minion

SEO Minion helps you with a variety of basic SEO tasks including analyzing on-page SEO, highlighting all links, checking broken links, viewing SERP previews, and more. Just overall a useful tool for various parts of on-page SEO.

15. Ahrefs SEO Toolbar

If you’re using Ahrefs for SEO, this is a useful tool to quickly analyze a site with metrics for domain rating, URL rating, number of ranking keywords, backlinks, and estimated organic traffic.

When browsing SERPs, you can also quickly see search volume, keyword difficulty, clicks, and more.

Even if you don’t have an Ahrefs account, you’ll still be able to view basic details on a site.

16. Mangools SEO extension

Mangools SEO extension works similarly to the Ahrefs toolbar but is focused on Mangool’s network of tools (KWFinder, SERPWatcher, LinkMiner, etc.). You’ll need a paid Mangools account to benefit from this extension, though.

17. Buffer

If you’re using Buffer for social media marketing, this add-on lets you easily schedule new Tweets or Facebook posts from any website – all you need to do is open the add-on.

18. FF Facebook Pixel Helper

If you’re using Facebook Pixel, FF Facebook Pixel Helper is a useful third-party add-on that lets you easily see all Pixel events fired on the current page that you’re browsing.

19. Bitly

The official Bitly extension lets you easily turn any URL into a shortened Bitly link right from Firefox. All you do is click a button on the toolbar or right-click on a link and it will automatically copy the shortened link to your clipboard. It also integrates with the paid Bitly service if you want to use your own custom domain name for shortened links.

20. TubeBuddy

TubeBuddy is an especially useful Firefox add-on for YouTube creators and marketers. It gives you a variety of tools to promote and manage your channel.

21. Seerobots

Seerobots lets you quickly analyze a website’s Meta-Robots. For example, you’ll be able to see index, noindex, follow, nofollow, etc. This helps you both debug your own site and analyze other sites.

22. Hunter

Hunter is an interesting extension that helps you find contact email addresses for any website that you’re visiting. Beyond turning up the email address for a contact, it can also help you find names, job titles, phone numbers, and more.

If you perform one-to-one marketing or outreach, this is a good one to have.

23. TinEye Reverse Image Search

If you use a lot of images in your marketing efforts, this extension is a useful option that lets you click on any image to easily search for every instance where that image has appeared on the web.

Best Firefox Extensions for Writing and Content Creation

If you have a website, you’ll probably need to write some content for it. These Firefox extensions help you with writing and content creation.

24. Grammarly for Firefox

If you want to avoid spelling and grammar errors, Grammarly is a must. With Grammarly for Firefox, you can analyze text right inside your browser. It will work with most text edit fields except for, unfortunately, the new WordPress block editor (at least as of the time that I’m writing this). If you’re using the classic TinyMCE WordPress editor, Grammarly works fine, though.

25. Markdown Here

Love Markdown? This extension lets you write your emails or other content in Markdown and then convert it into the proper format for your use case, such as sending an email.

26. Find & Replace for Text Editing

Find & Replace for Text Editing helps you save time by letting you run a find and replace command on any text input in your Firefox browser, including emails, blog editors, forms, etc.

27. Distraction Free Mode for Google Docs

If you primarily use Google Docs to create content, this is a really neat extension that lets you enable distraction-free mode to hide all of the controls and buttons in the Google Docs interface.

Useful Miscellaneous Firefox Extensions

Finally, let’s look at some miscellaneous Firefox extensions that can help developers, marketers, or just generally anyone using WordPress.

28. Your Favorite Password Manager

This is a few different extensions in one. But pretty much every web user should have a password manager so that you can have unique, strong passwords for all of your sites.

Good options for Firefox are:

29. Foxy Gestures

Foxy Gestures is heavily inspired by the now-defunct FireGestures extension. It lets you perform many important actions using mouse gestures. For example, you can easily move forward, back, scroll, close tabs, and lots more just by using gestures.

It’s fully customizable as well, so you can map your own gestures to different commands.

30. Impulse Blocker

Impulse Blocker helps you be more productive by letting you block distracting websites. Stop getting distracted by Reddit and stay on task!

31. Inbox When Ready

Inbox When Ready is another useful extension to block distractions. It lets you hide your Gmail inbox until you’re ready to use it. You’ll still be able to use other parts of Gmail, though, like sending emails or searching for existing emails. You just won’t see your inbox until you want to.

Start Using These Firefox Extensions Today

That wraps up our collection of the best Firefox extensions for developers, marketers, and everyone else. Give them a try and enjoy new and improved workflows while browsing in Firefox.

Now it’s over to you – which of these extensions did you find to be the most useful? Do you know any other great extensions that we should check out? Let us know in the comments!

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