Creative business directory for restaurants, events, candidates, holidays or the ideal company with the best listing & directory WordPress themes in case of consortium. If you are looking for a directory theme for your business list, this directory theme implementing a user-friendly solution, the application offers the opportunity for front-end users to describe all sorts of information about your company tailored Business activities on the Websites List.

It is easy to build a corporate advertising space using the most WordPress theme directory, online directory, set up a ranking list of all types of items you can easily include other advertisements. The theme includes custom search and filtering of all items that you add to the online directory. If you are looking for basic themes is stable solutions, you can find a good developer used on the list of themes.

WordPress theme directory build with a high-quality coding structure. Everything is very easy to modify the themes or plugin themes of the child wrapped in operation or because the filter hooks properly. Experienced developers will be happy to use the theme. It is easier to develop a good product with a good code and maintain.


Listbook is a truly scalable WordPress directory theme. It is built with pure Gutenberg blocks, with template builder support, where you can import blocks very easily to build your page. It’s a super fast WordPress theme, it has an Algolia-based full-text search system that makes it incredibly fast. It has an interface submit function with all kinds of user subscription and restriction capabilities. You don’t have to buy any other plugins to run this theme, everything is included with it.

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Reveal is a smart business listing and directory WordPress theme with a modern admin panel that will help you create a local or global directory site. This topic mainly focused on local business directory, online business directory, local listing, and all kinds of directory services. The Reveal theme is also suitable for all types of directory services such as local service finders, hotels, restaurants, spa and massage center, real estate and all types of properties, care and bicycle services, and more.

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Findus is a listing directory WordPress theme that will help you create, manage and monetize a local or global directory site. Feel free to set your own goal and get your favorite places online. Findus pages are created using the powerful Elementor Page Builder. The more than 40 items are drag-and-drop, and are easy to use and customize. Absolutely no coding required.

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Golo is a powerful Directory & Listing WordPress Theme, City Travel Guide with modern UI / UX design, smart features that will help you create an amazing local or global directory site. This topic provides various demo numbers that can help all clients who want to create a professional website like Local Business Listing, City Travel Guide, Restaurant Listing, House Rental Listing.

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TownHub Directory & Listing WordPress Theme is perfect if you like a clean and modern design. This theme will help you create, manage and monetize a local or global directory site.

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Doctreat is an online healthcare solution for patients. This theme is created with an idea to address medical and health related issues posted by patients and doctors. It has great features and excellent code quality. It was designed and developed after extensive research to meet the needs of people who want to create user-based directories.

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Have an exotic solution and be sure to surprise your audience with this brand new version. Listar will help you greatly / beautifully manage a directory site, regardless of its size and popularity.

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Direo is a simple but powerful directory WordPress theme, rich in features, easy to use and user-friendly for SEO. It is powerful enough to suit almost any industry in which you operate. It works perfectly on mobile devices.

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Workreap is a WordPress Freelance Marketplace theme with great features and excellent code quality. It has been designed and developed after extensive research to meet the needs of those interested in building an independent market or other similar projects. The design is contemporary but at the same time emphasizes user-friendliness, visual hierarchy and aesthetics to facilitate navigation for end-users.

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Cityo is the most complex WordPress theme of the repertoire that covers the following niches: location, real estate, car, event, restaurants, cafes, bars, hotels, tourist sites, shopping malls, museums and art galleries, hair salons and beauty, other places, etc. has created 4 popular directory routes, such as city portal with restaurants and activities, real estate / real estate directory for real estate agents, car portal for headhunters, recruiters and recruiters, directory of events. Cityo pages are created using the powerful Elementor page generator. All 40+ items are drag and drop, and easy to use and customize.

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Are you planning to list local businesses or do you have a plan for the Web directory for local businesses? It can be restaurants, hotels, events, malls or any repertoire or directory you can think of, Listinger is a full theme of the WordPress directory. It is perfect for any global or local directory website, such as Business Review, Online Business Directory, City, or any other corporate directory service.

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TripTip is a WordPress theme for directories and directories created specifically for business directories. It includes 18 pages. The theme files are perfectly organized and you can easily customize everything. It is powerful with Elementor Front Pagebuilder for easy use. You can use it for many types of directories and websites, such as real estate, property, hotel, travel, restaurants, entertainment, etc.

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Oklahoma is a versatile directory and ad theme that will help you create a functional, breathtaking and robust website with very little hassle. We’ve worked hard to bring you a flawless theme with everything you need to create a user-friendly website. Oklahoma is the only theme you will need, with its useful features and sleek, modern design.

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Listo is an all-in-one WordPress directory theme with a dashboard for users, a built-in reservation system, private messaging and many other great features. No paid extension and no coding knowledge required. Create a professional directory site like TripAdvisor, Yelp, Airbnb,, Tripping, FlipKey, HomeAway or similar in minutes.

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UrbanGo is a directory and a list of amazing WordPress themes that allow you to create a powerful website without knowing a single line of code. In addition to having a collection of beautiful pre-designed ad templates, the theme also has amazing features – users can create their own lists, reports, wish lists, claim items, and more. Each location you choose to present can be pinned to a map and, depending on your style preferences, you can customize Google Maps as you like. The theme is fully intuitive and allows you to create a remarkable site of directories and websites with ease.

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Lisner Modern Directory Listing

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Numismatico Cryptocurrency Directory & Listings

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DWT Listing

DWT Listing is a WordPress theme that gives you complete freedom to create any type of SEO directory or website. Create your pages on the front and see that your work comes alive instantly. No need for paid plugins, everything inside.

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Olomo Listings & Directory WordPress Theme is an ads directory WordPress theme with a user dashboard. You can use it for directory listings for real estate, car dealership, restaurant, jobs, hotel and any other type of listing. Olomo has prepared several directory elements such as Google Maps, reviews or a submission page, an email to friends, a sharing list, a message, etc. It includes 3 home page styles, 6 list styles, 2 list detail pages and more than 20 inside pages.

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Findgo is a WordPress directory theme that will help you create, manage and monetize a local or global directory site. Feel free to set your own goal and list your favorite sites online.

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CityBook Directory & Listing The WordPress theme is perfect if you like a clean and modern design. CityBook an SEO directory theme that will help you create, manage and monetize a local or global directory site.

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 demo more info / download


Listingo Business Directory WordPress Theme is an ultimate directory theme for service providers that has a clean and contemporary design and impressive features. The best thing about this theme is its excellent code, semantic and validated, with a strong search capability and a good loading time. It is a user-based repertoire theme with excellent features and excellent design. It is well documented and, in addition, supported by excellent customer support.

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Looking for a functional and intuitive directory and a list of WordPress themes? So Easy Listing is for you. It’s an exceptionally complete and easy-to-use WordPress theme for businesses like restaurants, cafes, movie theaters, and places like museums, hotels, spas, etc., to add to the global list of places of remarkable stay.

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demo more info / download


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Here is FindMe, a cities directory and a list theme allowing you to quickly and easily create a directory website.
It’s a modern design theme with great list templates, as well as several cool and amazing features: users can create wish lists, add reviews, create online bookings, to name a few only a few. The best sites can be highlighted on a map and, depending on the style of your website, you can easily customize Google Maps to suit your needs.

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FoodBakery Food Delivery Restaurant Directory

FoodBakery WordPress Restaurant Theme is a complete package for unique / multiple restaurant listings. The FoodBakery theme offers membership options and restaurant membership packages for restaurant owners to manage their menus, reservations, teams, memberships and payments. Restaurant owners can subscribe to the “Restaurant” theme and partner to create their restaurants and menus online from their dashboard.

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Whitelab is an advanced WordPress directory theme. With its sleek design, it is suitable for many websites types of ads. You can use it for a list of directories, real estate, jobs, hotels and more. This is a perfect theme for webmasters who have no experience in development or coding. It comes with a visual page generator that simplifies page creation.

whitelab directory wordpress theme more info / download demo

Babysitter Directory

babysitter directory responsive wordpress thememore info / download demo

WYZI – Social Service Business Finder

Wyzi Service Business Finder WordPress Theme is an advanced social business theme and service Multi-Store Directory, which aims to build a website that overcomes the gap between businesses and customers. Wyzi is very similar to Facebook, Linkedin, Google+, Twitter or any other social interaction site where each company has its own News Feed page to share with customers and other businesses.

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FoodPicky WordPress Model best suited for food ordering and delivery system like FoodPanda, JustEat, Zomato, Grubhub, Eat24Hours,, DoorDash etc. This theme can be used for unique restaurant – just call the profile page as “Our menu “And remove unnecessary Sections via our page generator.

foodpicky-food-delivery-directory-wordpress-thememore info / download demo


Louisiana is a WordPress theme directory that will help you create, manage and monetize a local or global directory site. Feel free to set your own goal and get your favorite places online!

louisiana listing directory WordPress theme more info / download demo

Market Marketplace

market marketplace WordPress theme more info / download demo


Agrodir Directory is a producer and retailer of the list with wocommerce WordPress theme with front-end list submit option. The user can log in and register to create a profile, manage and publish the list from his user page.

agrodir directory WordPress thememore info / download demo


EVE is a Premium WordPress theme for the list of events. Theme is completely build on the WooCommerce so you can expect familiar user experience back and functionality. In EVE, we have extended all the functionality coming from WooCommerce to offer an excellent tool for creating directory events of the website.

eve-events-directory-wordpress-thememore info / download demo

Wedding Vendor

The Wedding Vendor is a professional wedding directory WordPress theme designed for wedding provider and couples. Wedding Vendor Directory Theme WordPress that will help the seller to create their business listing, manage it and update it.

vendor directory WordPress thememore info / download demo


Falcons is the ideal solution for launching your list of lawyers and law firms offering a front-end user page for your members and the necessary payment gateway.

falcons directory lawyers law firms thememore info / download demo


TIGER is a business and professional WordPress theme list with front-end list submit option. Users can log in and sign in to create their profile, manage it, and publish it from their user page.

tiger social network theme wordpressmore info / download demo


DocDirect is a WordPress theme directory for the healthcare profession. It is designed so that it could be used for any directory as it has all the features a directory web site may need (and much more!). The current model was designed with a directory for health care institutions in mind. The inside pages are carefully designed to provide all the essential information that any directory business would need.

docdirect directory WordPress thememore info / download demo

Service Finder

WordPress Theme Finder Service is an advanced theme for businesses and services. Companies and service providers of different categories can register and create their profile. The customer can see his profile and reserve his services only. The customer can give feedback on each reservation made. For example, the customer can go to a cleaner profile or electrician and book their services.

service-finder-listing-wordpress-thememore info / download demo


Coupon XxL deals and coupons is the perfect WordPress theme marketplace on the web site. It’s a good partnership or a self-hosted solution is that by selling off locally or globally simply start a profit. CouponXxL site-specific coupon is the perfect theme for all kinds of discounts and deals.

couponxxl themedemo more info / download

Javo Spot

javo spotdemo more info / download


Reviews are the perfect system to review the products and services so that users can have an opinion about the products / services you wish to purchase. You can reference the sexual as you want and create as many reviews as you want. If you post a review, you can evaluate the product or service by the same standards that they give a separate opinion you are using. Theme will review separately for authors & users.

services review wp theme demo more info / download


LISTABLE – A Friendly Directory WordPress Theme demo more info / download


Superlist is the result of development directory app theme using WordPress. The WordPress theme directory, plugin bundle of trying to provide all of the best directories experience. If you have an entire directory solution. Bundled plug-ins on the theme: the coupon, currency, directions, field, Google Maps, invoices, lists, sliders, e-mail, alerts, packages, partners, Paypal, prices, registration information, reviews, Shopping, statistics, striped, story.

superlist-directory-wordpress-themedemo more info / download


MyCity - Geolocation directory and events guide demo more info / download


CouponHut - Directory WordPress Theme demo more info / download


price-comparison-directory-wp-themedemo more info / download


Kupon Directory WordPress Themedemo more info / download


EventBuilder is a powerful WordPress directory themes with multi-purpose theme layouts and advanced event. You can build your own events to the portal where you can add events to the categories defined by the user. You can sell tickets to the events through customized WordPress Plugin tickets. You get your money by setting prices through the planning and PayPal or credit / debit card. As well as registration and login, all front-end. Perhaps create a WordPress theme is the most common events to market the event builder has many features.

eventbuilder - directory WordPress themedemo more info / download


Coupon XL is trading, discounts, coupons and most complete directories theme. It is specialized in online sales and discount coupons. It is also suitable for optimization and affiliate websites. Affiliate coupon or discount deal websites, they work perfectly as a WordPress theme for coupons deals and discounts.

couponxl - directory WordPress themedemo more info / download


listify - directory WordPress themedemo more info / download


Directory Engine is a powerful and customizable theme for business directory and it can be front-end! The first theme directory that you can build your own site from much more content modules. The design includes a mobile-only. DirectoryEngine is a tool for you to run dream website, not the other rigid WordPress theme. Use this theme, you’ve got to build some kind of directory sites that you want.

directoryenginedemo more info / download


javo - directory WordPress themedemo more info / download


Couponer and discount coupons and discounts is the perfect WordPress theme for your website or business directory. It is a very optimized unlimited color options. This next to the retina ready and fully respond to it, based on the WP Bootstrap V3.1.1 latest version.

couponer - directory WordPress themedemo more info / download

Business Finder

Find a business theme, we are absolutely unique in the directory WordPress theme inspired by our very successful Directory theme on the market a few months ago. Find a Business theme more things added on top of the ability to create a better theme directory) is fully compatible with the theme Find a Business Directory theme, you can switch between themes without loosing your data. Including easy management simplifies the management themed items.

business finderdemo more info / download

Directory Portal

Directory portal is absolutely unique WordPress themes directory concept. So companies, stores, and directory websites – you can easily set up an online directory portal listing categorized items of any type. As mentioned several times, it changed a lot of things, We’ve spent quite a long time developing the theme. The WordPress theme includes easy simplifies entry management.

directory portaldemo more info / download

Supreme Directory

Supreme Directory Theme is GeoDirectory’s fastest and most stylish loading theme. It is a child theme of our free Directory theme and it is also free. Supreme requires minimal configuration, it features an attractive homepage design with a parallax effect boosting the area to full screen. Each page can be built using popular Page Builders, the one we’ve tested the most and that we recommend is Beaver Builder.

demo more info / download

Directory Starter

Directory Starter is a perfect basic theme to be edited directly or to create your own children’s themes. Directory Starter is a fully responsive directory theme that has been methodically coded to be lightweight and customizable. We used all the latest WordPress Customizer options to customize the look of your site without coding knowledge.

demo more info / download

Business Directory

Business Directory for WordPress is one of the easiest themes to create your web presence in 10 minutes. Just in 5 simple steps. The theme is highly customizable and with the presence of several background patterns and theme options, you can have your own new website for your business or personal use in minutes. Features templates for blogs, gallery, full width page without sidebar and the Contact Us page.

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