When you’re looking to put together a new flyer to announce a new fashion line or style event, it’s vital that you do so in a visually compelling way. If you lack graphic design skills, this can be quite a challenge. That’s why templates were invented, right?

If you’re stumped as to where to look for style and fashion flyer templates, we’ve got your back. We’ve put in the legwork to research this collection of templates. And you want to know the best part? They’re all free! Happy designing!

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This fashion flyer features a minimal style that is as eye-catching as it is simple. This PSD file is fully editable, so you can add your own photos, graphics, and text with ease.

Minimal Fashion Flyer Template Photoshop PSD

The Fashion Flyer Template is a print-ready template you can use to create a flyer for your next fashion week, brand launch, or store event. Add custom images and use the free included font if you wish. This PSD file is also easy to edit thanks to well-organized layers. Plus, it’s versatile and could be used in other industries besides fashion if you wish.

Fashion Flyer Template Photoshop PSD

This fashion template is perfect for creating sale flyers. Use it to announce an online or in-store sale at your clothing store. Or, you can customize it to use in other ways as well. This flyer template is sized as a full-sized regular page, is print-ready at 300dpi in CMYK, and includes free fonts.

Fashion Sale Flyer Template Photoshop PSD

This Fashion Event Flyer template is stylish to the max, with interesting background graphics, framing, and font choices to make your chosen images pop and to convey your announcement so it makes an impact. The file is in PSD format, is fully editable and printable, and can be customized to suit any event style.

Fashion Event Flyer Template Photoshop PSD

Announce your next fashion event with true style. This Fashion Week Show Flyer template is bound to make an impression with its color splash background and show dates highlighted with colorful circle designs. Edit the file in Photoshop then print it out. Easy as that.

Fashion Week Show Flyer Template Photoshop PSD

Another flyer template you’ll definitely want to check out is the Fashion Collection Vector Flyer Template. It’s editable in Illustrator and features bright and bold colors that catch the eye. Use it for both printed and online flyers to announce a fashion event or store sale.

Fashion Collection Vector Flyer Template Illustrator EPS AI SVG

The Minimal Fashion Event Flyer template is fully editable in Photoshop so you can customize it to promote your next fashion week or other style-related event. This template uses free fonts, you can swap out the images with your own easily, and it offers an edgy style that might be most suitable for streetwear brands.

Minimal Fashion Event Flyer Template Photoshop PSD

The Fashion Collection flyer template makes a bold statement right upon first glance. It’s designed to feature your chosen photo prominently and offsets it with a thick, colorful border. and bold text boxes. This PSD file is fully scalable and printable as well.

Fashion Collection Flyer Template Photoshop PSD

The Fashion Week Flyer template offers an elegant take on the fashion flyer motif. It features a black and white design with geometric, almost constellation-like designs in the background. Highlight your own images plus textual information in this easy-to-edit PSD file.

Fashion Week Flyer Template Photoshop PSD

This fashion flyer template allows you to showcase one chosen image plus sale prices, dates, company info, and anything else you might want to feature. This template is customizable in Photoshop and printable in CMYK and 300dpi. It includes a help file to guide your usage of the template as well.

Free Fashion Flyer Template Photoshop PSD

If sophistication is what you’re looking for, the Professional Fashion Flyer template is a bold choice. With it, you can showcase multiple photos and call out key information with large text boxes and graphically appealing designs that pull your eye to the most important tidbits.

Professional Fashion Flyer Template Photoshop PSD

This template is a great choice for a fashion boutique. It’s in vector format, so you will need Illustrator to edit it. The sample flyer uses a lovely blush pink shade as the background color and call out headers in a dark gray. You can customize these colors, of course, but the sample gives you a good idea of how this template can be used.

Vector Fashion Flyer Template Illustrator EPS

Now this fashion flyer templates is quite minimal but it avoids looking bleak by giving ample space for you to insert a custom image of your choice. Include a few headers and text and you’ll be able to whip up a printable flyer in Photoshop in a matter of minutes.

Free Fashion Flyer Template Photoshop PSD

This template is another sophisticated choice that just exudes elegance. Feature your best image right in the center and offset it with the half-tone background, interesting typographical choices, and practical information. This template is editable in Photoshop and is fully scalable and printable.

Creative Fashion Flyer Template Photoshop PSD

The Modern Fashion Sale Flyer just screams summer to me. It allows you to feature a bold fashion image front and center and accentuate with with large color blocks and background layers that draw the eye. This EPS file is editable in Illustrator and will give your next fashion campaign or sale the push it needs.

Modern Fashion Sale Flyer & Poster Vector Template Illustrator EPS

The Barber Flyer Template exudes style and class. Though you don’t have to use it for a barber shop, the example imagery paints a compelling picture: this would be the perfect template to showcase menswear. This PSD file is fully editable, well-layered, and printable at a high resolution.

Barber Flyer Template Photoshop PSD

The Vector Fashion Flyers template is a bit more chic and understated, but that can be a good thing. This flyer template is editable and printable in AI, EPS, and SVG formats. I could easily image this template being used to promote a clothing store sale online or at a brick and mortar shop.

Vector Fashion Flyers Template Illustrator EPS AI SVG

At least one of these style or fashion flyer templates is bound to suit your needs. The end result is certain to be stunning and will work well to attract attention for your business, your brand, or your style event.

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