There’s nothing like 20/20 vision but unfortunately, cameras still aren’t able to magically transport viewers into the world of our photos. In order to get there, we need editing. There’s a good reason why it’s said that a picture is worth a thousand words. You can tell an entire story without writing a single line.

Normally, photographers use Adobe Lightroom to give their photos that extra oomph, or to convey a specific atmosphere they felt while on the location. But it’s tricky. Often, it includes countless hours of tweaking the settings and then reapplying the effects to every photo in the set. And if you’re shooting nature or specific subjects that you want to be displayed in high definition, you have to keep an eye on settings throughout the process.

Or you can simply use these Lightroom presets for adding the HDR effect to your photos. Snapping pics with your phone and forgot to turn on the HDR mode? No problem. You were shooting in HDR but don’t like the results? Easy peasy! These Lightroom presets will help you strike the perfect balance between highlights and shadows. They will sharpen and give structure to your images so that every detail stands out, and you can truly transport your viewers, clients, and/or followers into that magical moment.

Bring light (and attention) to every corner of your photos with these 10 HDR Lightroom presets. You’ll get various presets for enhancing your photos, no matter the camera settings, and creating gorgeous effects. From natural presets, to punchy and surrealist presets, you’ll get the full package!

10 HDR Presets for Lightroom

If HDR is your go-to photography style, this collection is exactly what you need! Featuring 20 high-quality HDR presets for Lightroom, you can use this preset collection for a variety of shoots. They work great for a variety of photos and conditions, and bring out the best in your shots.

20 HDR Lightroom Presets Vol.1

Get HDR shots, no matter the weather. This professional collection of Lightroom presets for adding HDR effects to your photos easily adapts to different weather and shooting conditions, and guarantees smooth and structured results. You’ll get 11 presets that you can fine tune to achieve the desired effects.

Pro HDR Collection Lightroom Presets

HDR for landscape is easy, but what about portrait and lifestyle HDR? Not a problem with this HDR Lightroom preset collection. Featuring 50 HDR presets, this collection is great for adding natural brightness to your photos, and making sure that every detail is clear. Edit your way to absolute perfection!

50 HDR Lightroom Preset Collection

Get professional and authentic shots with these 14 HDR Lightroom presets. They’re perfect for pro photography, as well as blogs, social media, and marketing materials. You can easily fine tune the presets to achieve the desired effects, and then apply them to all the photos in your set.

14 Pro HDR Lightroom Presets

Bring out the details beautifully and subtly with this collection of 8 professional HDR presets for Lightroom. These 8 HDR presets enhance the beauty of your photos, but give you subtle and natural results that are perfect for portfolios, magazines, social media, and more! Let’s amaze your audience!

8 Pro HDR Lightroom Presets

Create a unique atmosphere with this faded HDR Lightroom effect. Perfect for portrait and fashion photography, as well as lifestyle and landscape shots that convey a special atmosphere, this preset is a stellar and professional option. It’s easy to use, and corrects everything to give you beautiful photos.

Faded HDR LightRoom Effect

Get stunning and highly-detailed results with these professional and premium Lightroom presets that will give your photos the HDR effect. The collection consists of 5 presets that you can easily customize to achieve the desired effect in line with your unique style. Bring out the details – and the applause!

PRO HDR Premium Lightroom Presets

Perfect for product and professional photography, these HDR Lightroom presets are a stellar choice. You’ll get a high dynamic range with these 20 presets that leverage micro contrast to provide you with detailed photos that contain none of the elements destructive to aesthetics such as halos and noise.

HDR Studio Vol. 1 Lightroom Presets

Bring the atmosphere of the shot a little closer to your viewers, clients, and followers with these 15 HDR Lightroom presets. Perfect for professional landscape, lifestyle, travel, and nature photography, these presets are highly customizable and incredibly easy to use. You’ll get beautiful results with half the work!

15 HDR Pro Lightroom Presets

Breathe fresh life into your photos! Perfect for graphic designers and professional photographers, these premium HDR Lightroom presets offer 15 options to enhance the details in your photos, and correct wrong exposure and imperfect shooting conditions. From smooth to dramatic, there are plenty of gorgeous HDR effects to work with.

15 HDR Lightroom Presets Vol.2

Add vibrancy and dynamism to your photos with this HDR Lightroom preset collection! This collection offers 20 professional presets that will add the HDR effect to your standard photos. It’s perfect for urban, nature, travel, and other types of photography where you want to convey an authentic atmosphere.

HDR Studio Vol.2 Lightroom Presets

Get better-looking photos with these HDR Lightroom presets! Forget about underexposed (or overexposed) photos that don’t show the details making up the whole atmosphere. And while you’re at it, make some room in your calendar because you won’t be wasting days trying to get the perfect results anymore.

With these Lightroom presets, the world of gorgeous HDR shots is at your fingertips. All you have to do is download the HDR preset you’ve been eyeing, apply it to your photos, and presto! You’ve got yourself a gorgeous shot!

No matter if you plan on showing your photos in an exhibit, magazine, or on social media, these presets will enhance their details. Now, we’re not saying they’ll instantly launch you into stardom, but hey! You know that every good photographer swears by their presets.

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