We travel to feel alive. But as soon as we come back home, we want to share our experiences with the people we care about. Unfortunately, not even our cameras can really capture the atmosphere of a special moment; the vibrant sights, colors, smells, and the wind blowing in from the east that makes us feel like this is it – this is the moment we have been waiting for.

For that, we need post-processing and editing. In order for our photos to really get the atmosphere we’ve experienced (and that our followers, clients, and friends can see), we need Lightroom. Now, editing normally takes hours. From making sure we don’t muck up our standard settings, to squinting and wondering if the result looks good. Then multiply it by as many photos as you want to edit. It’s a whole lotta work!

Fortunately, we’ve found the best Lightroom presets for landscapes and travel. So if you’re dying to share your last trip with the world, make sure you scroll down and check out our list. From presets that emphasize warm tones, to presets that bring out the full beauty of the wilderness, there’s something for everyone. These presets are incredibly easy to use. You just have to download them and apply them to your photos – no matter how many there are. Your photos will look consistent and beautiful. Let’s get to editing!

Highlight every part of the beautiful landscape you’ve captured with these high-quality landscape Lightroom presets. You’ll get 12 professional presets that guarantee stunning and clean results. Instead of completely transforming your photos, they’ll enhance the best parts of them, and make your shots irresistible.

High-Quality Landscape Lightroom Presets

If you often take and edit landscape photos, you’ll love this landscape Lightroom presets collection. It offers 100 presets to help enhance your photos’ beauty. You can easily edit the effects, as the presets have been made with the most important aspects of travel photography in mind.

100 Landscape Lightroom Presets Pack

Atmospheric and moody, Arcadia landscape presets for Lightroom are the perfect choice for editing photos of nature and rural landscapes, as well as general travel and scenic photography. The presets are 100% adjustable, so you can count on receiving beautiful and authentic results for your portfolio or social media feed.

Arcadia Landscape Presets for Lightroom

If you want to bring out the best features of your photos, you need these 12 travel and landscape Lightroom presets. They guarantee clean and beautiful results, making them perfect for a variety of travel and landscape shots. You can use them on social media, magazines, or for your portfolio!

Travel Landscape Lightroom Presets

Perfect for adventurers! This travel Lightroom presets collection offers 15 premium filters that give your photos incredible light and tones. You can easily work with contrasts, enhance brightness, adjust colors, and use other editing aspects to create stunning photos. You can easily mix & match different presents for phenomenal results.

Travel Lightroom Presets Collection

Inspired by the creators’ recent trip to Morocco, these Lightroom presets offer stunning filters for your warm and atmospheric photography. You’ll get 15 Lightroom presets that work perfectly with vibrant tones, and help you emphasize the atmosphere you’ve experienced for your followers, clients, and friends.

The Morocco Lightroom Preset Collection

Create a beautiful and consistent travel photography style with these 15 Lightroom presets for travel and landscape photography. They make editing seamless, and bring out the best aspects of your photos. You can easily customize various effects to suit your style, and share the magic with viewers, followers, and clients!

The Lightroom Preset Travel Collection

Make your audience feel as though they’re experiencing your photo firsthand with these Adobe Lightroom presets! They’re perfect for nature and landscape photography and guarantee a smooth finish. You’ll get authentic shots because the presents were made with 3D color grading profiles in mind.

Jasper Lightroom Presets

There’s no hour like the golden hour! These stunning Lightroom presets for landscape (as well as portrait) travel photography know it, and help you show it through quick and seamless editing. You’ll get 11 presets that simulate the golden hour lighting, perfect for magazines and portfolios!

Golden Hour Lightroom Presets

Create authentic and moody atmospheres with these travel and landscape Lightroom presets. Featuring 50 presets perfect for atmospheric and unique photography of destinations such as Iceland and Alaska, this collection works for mobile and desktop editing, and you’ll also get 3D-sensitive LUTs for videos and other editing software.

Bleak Lightroom Presets

Emphasize vivid colors in your travel and landscape photography with these Lightroom presets. You’ll get 30 Lightroom presets that emphasize saturation and contrasts, creating a warm atmosphere for your photos. You can easily customize the effects to suit your style, and take your audience’s breath away.

Vivid Color Lightroom Presets

Answer the call of the wild with these stunning and adventurous Lightroom presets. Perfect for landscape and travel photography, these presets offer various styles and filters, allowing you to create the perfect atmosphere. You’ll get 11 Lightroom presets for stunning social media, blog, portfolio, and magazine photography presentations!

Adventure Travel Lightroom Preset

Express your art by editing your photos with these professional landscape and travel Lightroom presets. This beautiful collection offers 15 atmospheric Lightroom presets that can help you convey the right atmosphere, and help your clients and friends immerse themselves in the experience. You can customize them to fit your style.

Pro Landscape & Travel Lightroom Presets

Diverse and striking, this Lightroom preset collection is perfect for nature and landscape photography. You’ll get 50 beautiful presets; from forest colors inspired by Japanese anime, to filmic tones and green and teal palettes. There’s plenty to pick from so add this collection to your kit!

Flourishing Forest Lightroom Presets

If you often take shots with your drones, you’ll love this Lightroom preset collection! Give your aerial photos a special atmosphere with these 30 premium presets, made with drone footage in mind. There’s a variety of filters that suit different lighting conditions and guarantee stunning results.

HDR Drone Lightroom Presets

Are you ready for wanderlust? With these 15 Adobe Lightroom presets for landscapes and travel, you’ll be able to convey the exact atmosphere you’ve felt when traveling and shooting. From Morocco to the Scottish Highlands, these presets can bring out every atmosphere! So no matter where in the world your viewers and followers are, they’ll be able to feel a fraction of what you’ve felt, and love you for it.

Not to mention that your photos, once edited, will make even the likes of National Geographic photographers jealous! If you’ve been checking out a specific travel Lightroom preset collection, don’t wait a second longer. Instead, hit that “Download” button, add it to your Lightroom kit, and edit your photos in a matter of minutes. The world needs your perspective. It’s time to share it!

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