We’re back with this week’s roundup of all things web design and development related. This week we have topics including Next.js, WordPress, freelancing, CSS tips and tricks, UX design, and more. Let’s have a look!

7 Elements of a Highly Usable Landing Page

A highly usable landing page design is one that compels visitors to act in some way. Sounds pretty simple, right? Many websites include multiple landing pages for different audiences with different conversion goals. Here are seven elements that almost every successful landing page includes…

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What Is Rapid Prototyping & Why Use It? (+ 5 Best Tools)

Rapid prototyping is one of the most important segments of the product development process. It’s what ultimately decides how your product will perform and how it will be received by the end-user. Whether you’re working on a mobile app or website design, rapid prototyping should be part…

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Faster Integration with Web Components

Web components promise speedier integration. At some level, I understood this. I’ve even made this exact point while advocating for them. And yet, what happened on a recent project surprised me.

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JSON in CSS | CSS-Tricks

Jonathan Neal tweeted a heck of a little CSS trick the other day, putting JSON inside CSS and plucking it out with JavaScript. Valid values for custom

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