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Website Design Trends & Tips for a COVID World

A lot has changed about the world in the past year. The impact of COVID on human interaction is undeniable. It’s influencing digital experiences as well. If you haven’t started to think about adjustments you need to make to your website design due to the worldwide pandemic and virus, i…

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How to solve any design problem by understanding its roots

In this article, you’ll learn (or remember) what is the one thing you need to start solving any problem. I wrote this originally for a talk I gave a while ago, and I also posted a video on my youtube channel, but I adapted it so you can read it. Ok… let’s start with a story. The drill …

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15+ Best Sketch Tutorials (Sketch App for Beginners)

If you have been waiting to experiment with Sketch, there’s never a better time to dive in than right now. The Mac-based vector graphics editing tool for user interface and experience design has become a go-to tool for many designers and developers. If you haven’t started using it yet,…

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People Who Design: Connecting Design Communities – Boxes and Arrows

These days, creating a personal website is easy. You don’t need to know about how to code; the newest platforms can host profile pages with templates you can fill in with photos, links, and text about you and your works. Especially if your content all fits in just one page, you have all you need … Continue reading People Who Design: Connecting Design Communities

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8 Best Company Rebranding Designs & Examples

In order to stay relevant, many businesses have to reinvent themselves when the time comes. In recent years, we saw even some of the biggest brands making the tough decision to rebrand their identities completely. Some were successful at rebranding while many failed miserably. Needless to …

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Freelancing Fact vs. Fiction – Vandelay Design

Working as a freelance designer or developer can be a great way to earn a living, but there are a lot of misperceptions related to working as a freelancer. Some assume that freelancing is cushier than it really is, and others assume that freelancers are simply designers/developers who can’t find jobs. Hopefully, this article will […]

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Spline: Easily Create 3D Experiences for the Web

In the past couple of years, we’ve been seeing a rising trend in the web design industry which involved adding interactive 3D elements in websites. While this trend allowed brands and businesses to create unique web experiences that helped them to stand out from the crowd, most of the ti…

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5 Exercises to Level Up Your Design Skills

My design journey started four years ago when I quit my job at a children’s sleep clinic to become a designer. I would read books about UX on my commutes to and from work. Every evening, I would spend 6 to 7 hours taking web development courses and learning what it meant to design. Everything was new and exciting. After… Read More →

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7 All-Too-Common Landing Page Errors You Must Avoid

A properly designed and functioning website landing page is a thing of beauty. It greets customers warmly, informs leads, and even collects customer contact information. It presents news and information relevant to its industry, and shares internal and external communications.

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Design Inspiration: Blog Design Showcase – Vandelay Design

Creating a quality blog design can be a significant challenge, because the design should add to the usability of the blog and should not overpower the content. Browsing through examples of beautiful blog designs can provide inspiration that can be put to good use in your own design work. In this post we’re showcasing 25 outstanding blog designs from various designers for your inspiration. Cookiesound

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