It’s “Fri-Yay” again, meaning we’ve made it through another week as this crazy year continues to move forward. It also means it’s time for this week’s edition of our weekly roundup of all the web design and development related articles we’ve found published on the interwebs over the past seven days. From CSS to JavaScript, WordPress to color pallets, tutorials to design systems – whatever you’re interested in or looking to hone your skills, we have it here. Let’s dive in!

10 Best UI/UX Practices To Adopt While Building A Website For Your Brand

Did you know that 88% of online shoppers say they wouldn’t return to a website after having a bad user experience? User Experience Design (UX/UI or UXD) in web design is the method of improving user satisfaction by enhancing the usability, accessibility, and performance of user interaction with websites. When a website’s design is so […]

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How to become financially stable as a remote freelancer

This article was originally published on .cult by Apinya Dechalert. .cult is a Berlin-based community platform for developers. We write about all things career-related, make original documentaries and share heaps of other untold developer stories from around the world. Switching from traditional full-time employment to contract work can be a bit of a transition —  especially […]

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UX Design for Navigation Menus

Navigation menus are one of the most-viewed and most-clicked-on pieces of interface. Let’s look at some principles of nav design that will help our users have a better experience.

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Similarity Principle in Visual Design

Design elements that appear similar in some way — sharing the same color, shape, or size — are perceived as related, while elements that appear dissimilar are perceived as belonging to separate groups.

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13 Related Services for Web Designers to Offer – Vandelay Design

If you offer web design services to clients, regardless of whether you’re a freelancer or running an agency, there are plenty of other related services that you could offer. By offering additional services, you’ll be able to increase the revenue that you earn from the average client, meaning that you can make more money with […]

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Explaining UX Design to a 5-year-old

Have you ever tried explaining [UX design]( to someone who has absolutely no idea what that means? Well, a few weeks ago, we challenged our design community to tell us how they’d explain user experience design to a five-year-old… And you can bet we got all sorts of creative answers—both spot-on and down-right hilarious ones.

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