Today in our weekly roundup of all of the web design and development related articles published around the web we have a variety of topics including UX, JavaScript, research, WordPress, design and more. Let’s dive in to the latest edition of “This Week In Web Design”.

10 UX lessons I learned building my product from scratch

So you like our media brand Growth Quarters? You should join our Growth Quarters event track at TNW2020, where you’ll hear how the most successful founders kickstarted and grew their companies.  This article was originally published by Built In. In 2016, I recognized that I wasn’t achieving my goals, learning new skills, meeting new people, …

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5 Awesome JavaScript Promise Tricks

The Promise API changed the game in JavaScript. We went from abusing setTimeouts and settling for synchronous operations to doing everything possible to leverage this new async API. Let’s check out a handful of awesome Promise API tricks! Cancel a fetch Request One problem we instantly complained about with promises was not being able to …

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15+ Best Responsive & HTML Email Design Tutorials

How do you design an email that will result in plenty of opens and strong click-through rates? There’s a little art – and luck – that goes into email design. Whether you’re looking at the graphic and visual design, or the responsive HTML development side, email design can be a …

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How to use CSS masking

CSS masking gives you the option of using an image as a mask layer. This means that use can use an image, an SVG, or a gradient as your mask, to create interested effects without an image editor.

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Comparing Styling Methods In Next.js — Smashing Magazine

Among others, Next.js has dubbed itself: The React Framework for Static Websites. But just like every other framework whose goal is to help you build what matters by abstracting common, redundant tasks, you’re often required to learn something new and opinionated. With Next.js, one of the things you need to know is how to integrate different CSS methods with its API, and that is the focus of this tutorial.

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5 tips to develop your personal style as a designer

Your personal style should be flexible enough to work within a client’s guidelines, but that doesn’t mean it can’t show up in the work you do! Here are some helpful tips for developing your style as a graphic designer or web designer, while also attracting the kinds of clients you want.

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10 Open Source Fonts That Are Actually Amazing | Free Fonts 2020

There’s nothing like creating an amazing design that your client loves, while also saving some money in the process. You don’t have to compromise on the quality of the fonts you choose, just because you’re not paying the big bucks for them. Better yet, why pay for fonts at all when there are some really …

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On Modern Web Applications Stability

I don’t like how modern web applications are built. Many of the web applications are too unstable, That you can’t imagine having the system running without a team supporting it. The fact that we try to automate manual processes then the automation needs manual intervention defies the purpose. Some companies has an army of developers if they were to do the business by hand they would make a better job than the programmed system. There are many reasons for this situation. One of the reasons is the excessive use of third party dependencies.

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