This week in web design we have articles published over the past seven days that include new design tools, CSS collections, A/B testing, JavaScript, and some discussions about emotional design, along with a variety of other topics. Each week we round up all of the web design and development related articles and put them here in one place for you to peruse in your efforts to strengthen and grow your skills. We hope you find it helpful. Let’s go!

Web Design: 35 Creative UI/UX Websites for Inspiration

Website landing page should be aesthetically pleasing, clean and elegant. It should be simple to understand yet it must have all the information that the website wants to convey to the visitor of the website. It should appeal to the visitor and the design and colors used should be attractive and related to the subject. Check out the beautiful designs of websites with amazing UI and UX. Award-winning websites created by professional web designers and web design agencies from all over the web. In this website design gallery we are gathered 35 creative website design examples for your inspiration. If you

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The Core Concepts of Bold Web Design

In recent years, we’ve seen dozens of trends, from pastels to gradients to big typography. Styles have a way of circling around and coming back into fashion. One thing that never goes out of styl

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Here’s how you measure the success of a UX design project

As designers, we want the products we build to be satisfying and easy to use, but how can we know that’s the case? We start by measuring the user experience with evidence rather than opinions. But can UX really be measured? Absolutely. By evaluating products with qualitative and quantitative methods, we gain access to a …

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The Empty Box | CSS-Tricks

When I was in high school, we learned about “The Black Box” which is concept in theater. If memory serves me right, the approach was a simple and elegant

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